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  1. Question About the 392 Suspension, (Not Xtreme Recon)

    My understanding is that the 392 sits about an inch taller than the standard rubicon. Given that your wife’s JLUR is going to be lighter than the 392, in theory it should get at least the 1” and possibly more due to the weight difference. The fox shocks on the 392 are reported as stiffer than...
  2. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    1) I have no regrets going with the 4xe. Most of my use will be in the city or on road trips, with some light off-roading and overlanding. Since city driving will be like 2/3 of this Jeep’s usage, the 4xe was a no brainer to me. I can go to work or run errands on a single charge which costs...
  3. Spacer Lift 4xe Help

    Looks great! What size tires are those?
  4. Spacer Lift 4xe Help

    Let's see some Sahara 4xe's on spacer lifts! I'm looking for some inspo....
  5. 392 vs XR 392 suspension

    I know the 392 comes with Fox shocks and the 392 XR comes with non-Fox shocks. Can someone explain to me what the differences are? Someone in this thread said the shock change was to account for extra weight of the XR package, but aren’t the weight differences only in the tires? Is the XR...
  6. Post your coldest cold starts!

    So this thread basically disproves all prior speculation that the 4xe is useless in the cold. It will start and run just fine in hybrid but won’t let you switch to electric only until the battery is conditioned. This is excellent info, thank you to all who have contributed their detailed...
  7. Light bar on 4xe?

    I’ve spoken with Gobi and they quoted me $500 for just the front part of the rack that will hold the light bar. This will be 4xe specific since their bracket is made to account for the charging port. The first pic is from another forum member (hope it’s ok to use!). He has a standard rubicon...
  8. We need your NON-Rubicon 4XE in SoCal!!!

    I’m probably late to the party, but I have a Sahara 4xe available in Yorba Linda. Lemme know
  9. Cold climate = no go

    Mine has been flawless too. I guess we’re some of the lucky ones
  10. Dealership sold my 4xe without telling me

    @blueweb i second Rydell. I paid below invoice for my Sahara 4xe. I spoke with practically every dealer in SoCal and they were by far the lower price and the easiest to work with. My sales guy was Juan Carrillo, at least two other 4xe owners on this forum went through him with the same...
  11. Email from JeepWave for LA Auto Show

    Anyone else get that email from JeepWave for complimentary tickets to the LA auto show? Is it legitimate or a scam email? It’s asking for the last 8 digits of the VIN
  12. Sahara Grill/Headlight/Bumper Inserts - Changing to Black?

    I painted mine. $5 for the can of spray paint from Home Depot and a day to dry.
  13. Just buy the 4XE. Please do!

    I took the family to Disneyland and they have dedicated EV parking on the first floor with a much shorter walk to the park. SoCal Disney fans would benefit!
  14. Just buy the 4XE. Please do!

    Yeah you have to compare apples to apples. I bought my Sahara 4xe before the price increases and after considering the tax credit, the 4xe version came out to less than the standard Sahara with the same options. More power, ability to run errands or commute to work on all electric, better gas...
  15. Carrying 5 tires in back of 4xe?

    I can confirm that five 33” tires and rubicon wheels will fit comfortably inside the back of a 4xe. The tires/wheels were oriented like the pics in the post above mine. The guy above me gets brownie points for having a 37” in there too haha
  16. 392 AT INVOICE IN SO CAL! Rydell CDJR

    +1 for Rydell. I ordered my Sahara 4xe from Rydell in April and took delivery a month later. No funny business, they gave me a no haggle price under invoice (cheapest I found in SoCal after talking to countless dealers), took my deposit over the phone and placed my order. Everything was given to...
  17. Zion National Park trip

    I love Zion NP! Beautiful park with lots to see and do. Angels landing is an awesome hike, but can be dangerous so you need to have good boots and crampons since you’re going in winter. It will likely snow and you’ll need them on angels landing. I also recommend bringing gloves with a latex...