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  1. Opinions on component selection for steering upgrade with 37s

    Do it once and be done with it.
  2. JLU EcoDiesel Sport vs Rubicon suspension

    As long as the Rubi is also a diesel you can do the swap. The shocks are better on the Rubi, but the take-off suspension isn't worth all that much. If you're not paying a lot... Go for it.
  3. Custom order listed on dealer website?

    Inventory levels are so low they are showing anything they can to hope to bring someone in the door, where they can say "that one has sold, but there's this one left" trying to make it seem like demand is even higher, and there's a sense of urgency for the customer to sign and purchase right now...
  4. Good Buffer for Beginner

    The original standard Porter Cable 7424 with Lake Country pads still hard to beat!
  5. JLU Pet Cargo Liner

    I know Quadratec carries their stuff...
  6. Oil Catch Can and Blow-by
  7. JLU Pet Cargo Liner

    Simply nothing better. Quality, fit & finish next to none. For behind the rear seats: Or the whole back with the seats folded: Ours sits in the back...
  8. Has anyone here started painting parts underneath your vehicle?

    Yup. I’ve basically re-painted the entire gas tank skid and transfer case skid. They get pretty scratched up on the rocks, and I want to keep them from rusting as much as possible. LOL
  9. ARB Rear Bar

    Looks like it did great. If it wasn't there the entire corner of the Jeep would have been smashed in.
  10. Bestop Sunrider water problem

    Sounds like it was built 100% to OEM specifications. 😂
  11. Must haves for JL rubicon?

    Personally, I'd skip the leather seats. They just get really hot in the sun, and the cloth ones are good quality. I would get the LED lights package. Also. The proximity key may not be something you want if you decide to install a rooftop tent. If you're up in the tent, you may not be able to...
  12. 4xe Rear Seat Removal

    This is a Canada Goose. It’s a species, not a nationality. They aren’t all actually Canadian. There are over 120 known species of Goose. LOL!
  13. Rock Sliders or Just Trim?

    Factory "rock rails" are designed to protect the pinch seam, and lower rocker from getting scratched up when you slide on a rock. They are not designed to support the vehicle weight. Just like skid plates. Designed to "Skid" over rock surfaces to keep you from getting hung up. Not for dropping...
  14. 35x12.50 Tires On 17x7.5 Rims

    That's a LOT of weight on that spare. That tire should be unmounted, spun on the rim and done again.
  15. Belly skid 3.6L exhaust coverage

    I'd be less concerned about the exhaust, and more so about the exposed transmission cooler lines. If you hit a rock and dent an exhaust pipe, that's no biggie. Even if you tear one, it's just going to make some noise, but you'll get off the trail. Have a branch, root, or other debris on the...
  16. Security Related Accessories / Theft Prevention

    Wow! That's a lot of worry about security. I removed the dealer installed wheel locks, and threw them away. Just don't want to deal with that if I need to change a tire on the trail. The entire time I have the soft top on, I don't even lock the doors.
  17. Start/stop not ready, battery charging

    If the battery is bad, and it's under warranty, get it replaced.
  18. Freedom Winch Line?

    Incorporating a soft shackle into the end of the winch line isn’t a terrible idea, but there has to be a way to replace it. I’ve damaged a couple of soft shackles, and had to replace them, but the line on my winch is still the same one in use. Having to replace a $500 winch line because the soft...