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  1. Z Automotive currently freezing MacOs downloads

    I keep an old PC laptop just for Tazer updates and for my GMRS software. Trying to update with a Mac was just too unreliable.
  2. Trail Recon: 10 things Bronco has that the Jeep Wrangler needs

    Come on don't be hating on the Brad, ex Navy Corpsman, he's a good dude.
  3. 2019 Rubicon JLU Flood Restoration Project

    Might be a fitting hood decal
  4. New to Offroading. Looking for good beginner trails in San Diego area

    also check out
  5. **CHANGE OF PLANS** Hungry Valley / Gormon this friday 11/5/21

    Nice, what direction did you run Miller Jeep? I did this a few weeks ago in my JLR from the bottom up, off Lockwood Valley Rd, A couple of tricky spots but a fun trail. Need to get back and explore the 2 side trails.

    30 Miles off a 392. So half the tread life left? ;)
  7. Best Dash Cam?

  8. 11.3.2 Major stability fixes ?

    Just updated to 11.3.2 is there any info on exactly what the stability fixes were?
  9. Bronco Addition Pricing

    Wow, I'd gladly take 10k to NOT own a Bronco
  10. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    If you need an independent body shop look up Gotham City Collision in LIC, those guys are amazing. I took my JK there after a collision and the owner immediately started going over it, looking up the aftermarket stuff I had, asking if I wanted to do anything different this time around. Just...
  11. Help Jeep pick a new color

    Not like the paint sticks anyway
  12. Would you Jeep with no a/c?!

    Better to have AC and not need it than need AC and not have it
  13. Jeep Started all by itself

    All this remote starting app phone stuff is only with the 8" screen right?
  14. Rubicon shocks, Worn out at 17K ?

    I think I'd chose Fox again, I just installed a bumper and a winch so maybe that slightly stiff compression damping will be welcome. I had the Rancho RS5000s on my JK and they were a solid choice too.
  15. Rubicon shocks, Worn out at 17K ?

    I have about 13k on the Fox 2.0 now and they are an improvement over stock. I'd say stiffer for sure with way less nose dive under hard braking. If they were adjustable though I'd want one click less on the compression damping, but of course they are not. ( i'm also a 2 door ) I replaced the...
  16. 34s over 35s - Will I regret it?

    But Bronco! we all need 35s
  17. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    This test is pretty irrelevant. I would however be amused to see a proper track test between the JL and the Bronco. Just for kicks. Or how about comparing times on the Nordschleife?