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  1. Finally got my Rubi! Now, I have questions.

    They took advantage of you on the intake. I have the full mopar intake and i did cut out my hood. It isn’t hard at all because it gives you a pretty fool’s proof template to do it. I actually did notice a mpg increase!! I do have a custom mid pipe and exhaust though. I’m also running 4.56 gears...
  2. Should I remove my rear tire?

    You don’t need it if you’re going with friends, take their spare only off it’s a total meseed up with sidewall damage. I’ve been wheeling for over 20 years and never had that happened. Just buy a tire repair kit with plugs and fix it yourself in under five minutes when you find the hole. Problem...
  3. Lifted Suspension Issues - Need Advice

    Your rear track bar is on backwards that’s one issue. I just double checked mine and my zerc fitting side is on the passenger not drive like yours. I have the exact same RK track bar. Second is my friend has the exact same RK lift on his last Jeep and 4wheel parts installed it just like yours...
  4. Florida WTB Rubicon Front Steel Bumper

    Sold locally
  5. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    It’s your battery iff i had to guess. Once the battery goes out all hell goes crazy. Happened to my wife’s Jeep. It would die in the middle of pulling in parking lot, died in an intersection, lost ac, wouldn’t start. Sometimes. She has it there for 3 months and they bought it back and offered 2k...
  6. California WTB Steel Front Bumper

    I’ll do 550 if you drive here, i have the skid plate that I’m including as well , plus both stubby ends for that price. I paid 1350 as i added it so basically less than half and it’s in really good condition. No dents, fading, scratches, etc. it would be hard to tell the difference between mine...
  7. Colorado WTB- Mopar Front and Rear Steel bumpers

    I have one in Arizona with skid plate if you’re still looking?
  8. California WTB- Rubicon Suspension(Steel Bumper,Tow,Hard Top)

    I have a steel bumper if you’re willing to travel to Arizona
  9. Kansas WTB: rubicon metal bumpers and take off fenders

    I have one if you’re interested?
  10. Arizona WTB: Steel Bumper Rubicon or Moab

    I have a steel I’m looking to sell with skid plate and end caps in great condition if you’re still looking?
  11. Wyoming WTB steel bumper

    I have one if you’re willing to pay 600 plus shipping?
  12. Florida WTB Steel Bumper

    I have one if you’ll pay shipping?
  13. Missouri WTB steel front bumper.......No longer looking.

    I have one for sale that I’ll ship
  14. New York WTB: Mopar Rubicon Steel front bumper

    I have one for sale and I’ll ship?
  15. West Virginia WTB-Mopar Steel Front bumper and skid plate

    I have one for sell. Pm please
  16. Florida WTB Rubicon Front Steel Bumper

    I’ll sell you mine for 750 shipped including skid plate and end caps?
  17. California WTB Steel Front Bumper

    I have a oem mopar bumper if you’re interested?
  18. WTB: Rubi 3 piece steel bumper

    Are you still looking for a bumper?
  19. Pennsylvania WTB - MOPAR Steel Front Bumper & Skid Plate

    I’m hoping for 750, and i would pay half of the shipping cost. Or $600 and you pay exact shipping from 85748 to you? 104lbs total weight with skid, end caps, and stubby. let me know what you think or what your offer is?