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  1. Kentucky 2021 Steel rubicon rear bumper

    Leads to my next question: can this bumper in fact be installed on a JL per TheBirdie72's post?
  2. Kentucky 2021 Steel rubicon rear bumper

    Is this a Gladiator bumper by any chance?
  3. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Once you have a production candidate, would be interested in seeing brightness specs (lumens) for tail, brake and reverse light intensity vs. the OEM LEDs (and non-LEDs for that matter). Maybe photos of side marker illumination also. One more thing: is there any room to incorporate rear fog...
  4. Florida Sold: Molle Platform Solutions (MPS) JLU Fender Well Panel (driver's side)

    New, never installed. Decided on a different system. $25 shipped (or $20 local pickup) within continental US.
  5. Security Related Accessories / Theft Prevention

    Might be good for those with steel bumpers but like others, I have the stock bumper meaning the plate screws are drilled into plastic. Guess I'm screwed :LOL:
  6. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    Watching the video clip, the front end settles at 0:05. Maybe the last chance to change the plan. Beyond that point, I'm seeing a combination of angle and acceleration shift the center of gravity so far back that the driver isn't in control of the vehicle. Good video, good lesson.
  7. Opinion - BEST MUD FLAPS?

    If you don’t need rails, the Mopar side steps actually make good (front) mud guards.
  8. Missouri Jeep Trail Rated Kit

    Please mark as sold.
  9. Florida JL LED fender flare lights $200+shipping

    I want to update my original post. Turns out that there are some non-textured lo-line fenders that will hold the LED lights I have listed. If your fender has the gap next to the lights, then the housing will hold the LEDs. (I met with a guy today who had a 2020 Willys and it had fenders like the...

    That would be a great Tazer option.
  11. Fender flare question

    I know you only need one but have a set of lo-line textured flares available. Includes indicator lights. $100. I’m in Tampa FL.

    Pretty sure my tint guy said factory rear glass is 20%. Living in FL, I need heat rejection so had 85% put on the rear (closest to clear they had) and 35% up front.
  13. Florida JL LED fender flare lights $200+shipping

    Thanks 👍, but I’d prefer to sell as a bundle.
  14. JL owners with dogs

    Springer Spaniel or ??
  15. Sahara fender LED on rubicon fender?

    Gregj is probably correct. Mopar has multiple versions of these flares. Keeps us all guessing.
  16. Sahara fender LED on rubicon fender?

    Ok, got it. If his Rubi fenders are halogen then the LEDs won't fit the housing.
  17. Sahara fender LED on rubicon fender?

    Yes but it will require a Tazer or dealer to change the fender light setting to halogen.
  18. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Correct, they are the fenders we have except with LED. They're still in the box. ill unpack them when ready to install.