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  1. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    Well I love my Best Top and I keep it open even if it’s 115 outside. Top open windows down is my style but I have no plan to remove the doors.
  2. Teraflex 09-02-22-110-000 Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 versus Fox® Racing Shox 985-02-127 Performance Series 2.0

    My steerring has been updated and I decided to stick with the Teraflex, like others I was trying to fix or help the steering prior to having the updated box installed. Running my tires at 32psi and steering adjusted to medium I have almost zero wondering, I suppose there could be a little snake...
  3. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    18' January build, just hit 24k miles. I have replaced the start stop battery along with the steering box. Outside of that just regular maintenance.
  4. Head gasket leak at 8000 miles.

    Head bolts are once use and done, the only fix is replace the head gasket and NEW head bolts.
  5. When do you REFUEL?

    I try and keep all the cars full, three Land Rovers and the Jeep. I have issues lol.
  6. Bestop Sunrider Review

    You won't be disappointed, best of luck and we all like completion photos.....
  7. Bestop Sunrider Review

    By the best upgrade I have done, my sun rider has been installed just over a year now with zero issues.
  8. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    The only feature I would like is a faster sway bar disconnect like the Broncos.
  9. Falcon shocks worth that wait?

    I love the hell out mine and I have zero complaints. What ever you decide I would focus on adjustability so you can fine tune your ride.

    Had one of those trips where I hit something super hard but can't find it lol.
  11. Anyone consider the Gladiator before going with the JLU?

    I did have the option to buy either but I chose the jeep, for me I like the closed off back end or SUV feel of the wrangler. With that said I do like the Gladiator overland look so that to is a good option if you are on the fence.
  12. Falcon 3.5 aDAPT

    These are game changing, I missed the purchase date by about a month so I am running the standard adjustable 3.3's and love them but having the ability to fine tune and adjust on the fly is awesome. Keep us updated when you get them installed.
  13. Steering Stabilizer Recommendations...

    I installed the teraflex adjustable steering stabilizer prior to the new updated steering box trying to keep the jeep on the road and it did help a lot. I left it installed set to medium and honestly its close to perfect with zero wondering and about 1/2" play from center. I have a feeling that...
  14. Scumbag Alert!!!

    This is just crazy, samething is happening on that Face place. I only make purchases via paypal for the extra security.
  15. Transmission Gripe, When Using a Car Wash.

    My carwash addict requires me to slightly press the brake then she will slide into drive from neutral, same goes for my Rovers. Rather annoying but that's how they work lol.
  16. MetalCloak VS TeraFlex

    In a round about way I ended up with a 2.5" teraflex lift ( my third choice ) and the adjustable shocks, that video is spot on regarding on and off road performance. City driving the jeep feels very planted with minimal body roll and nose dive on that sneaky red light. I am running the SP2...
  17. Teraflex vs MetalCloak

    Go with Metalcloak to keep everyone happy and they seem to have a great warranty.
  18. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    They do this all the time, earlier this year I ordered Zeon Coopers for my Land Rover, $120ea compared to the normal price of $250.
  19. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Playing around on the Logandale Trails.