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  1. We don’t need no water let the...

    That's a Polar Edition JK, you can tell by the emblem on the side and the hood decal (and hydro blue color). I had one.
  2. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Congrats! Maybe I'll see you around (also a Fort Wayne native). I'm in the hyper green hard rock JKU. I purchased it instead of a Mojito because I didn't like the color in person, but I'm always creeping waiting on new colors from FCA because I love how the JL rides!
  3. 2018 MOAB Edition JL Wrangler spotted!! [Updated with new image]

    Yep, I specifically bought a hydro blue Polar edition in 14 because the color was exclusive to that package and was limited to 14 only...well until it came back in 2015-2016 on every friggin' model. If it sells, expect it to stay around.
  4. New Shoes - Let's See Them!

    Looking at getting new shoes for my Rubi. Let's see your wheels you've switched out from stock for some ideas!
  5. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Local dealer just got a Sahara in. Sunny day, iPhone X.
  6. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    I was never a fan of Hyper Green, so this makes me love Mojito even more. Now we just need to see one next to Gecko!
  7. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    @Bkenyon53 those are same pictures I'm referring to as well. Apparently @Musicnjeepz just wants us to be happy they're in the wild now, rather than talk about how we would like to see them in person or pictures not taken with a potato.
  8. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Seriously? That color looks nothing like the auto show Jeep or any Green With Envy Challengers if you do a Google image search. The pictures on page 156 do, but those don't at all as expressed by several others. I don't think it's too much to state that I would like to see one in person to see...
  9. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    This. Looks. Perfect. :clap:
  10. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    I hope I can see one in the flesh soon. Loved the auto show pics, absolutely hate the 2 door pics above. Hope it's just the camera.
  11. Anyone want my $500 Bonus Cash?

    I also have a $500 bonus cash that expires July 2, 2018 that I will not use if someone is able to use it. Send me a PM.
  12. Purple JL Wrangler Rubicon (JLUR) Build

    Well this has certainly been a little anticlimactic. :lipssealed: Any finished pics?
  13. Keyless Enter 'n go - 2018 JL Sport

    Again, if people would RESEARCH WHAT THEY ARE BUYING and not assume, they would see Keyless Enter N Go on the Jeep Wrangler is NOT THE SAME THING as other FCA vehicles or the same as Remote Proximity Entry. The window sticker is not incorrect. It clearly states what this feature is on the Jeep...
  14. Keyless Enter 'n go - 2018 JL Sport

    Let me know how that works out for you. :cwl: You didn't know what you were buying, simple as that. Keyless Enter N Go =/= Remove Proximity Entry
  15. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    The two I saw at the dealership today had absolutely no metallic in the paint.
  16. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    My mom had a C5 Corvette with a physical key that was part of a recall where steering wheels were locking up while driving.
  17. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    It's crazy how some pictures make Punk'n look exactly like Crush, where others make it look exactly like Sunset Orange (which look nothing alike). I can't wait to see it in person. The picture of the frame makes Mojito look like Electric Lime, which is worse IMO than Green with Envy. Why oh why...
  18. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Pretty sure one of those is headed to Glenbrook here in Fort Wayne. Anxiously awaiting the arrival so I can see it in person. Tired of waiting on Mojito!