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  1. MOPAR Sunrider Top not fitting on 2019 JLU?

    I plan on getting a soft top, but I live in the north and live in an apartment building, so at the moment, I've got the hard top. I do plan on buying a condo in the spring, but I have no idea what storage will be like. So I bought the sunrider through Amazon when they were having all of their...
  2. Kenda Klever MT 255/75R17

    They're the company who made my bike tires.
  3. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    Depends on who you ask and what they've bought. My last car was a VW which had a direct injection, 2.0 liter, turbocharged 4 cyl. I took care of it, did all the maintenance, changed the fluids even more than the manual asked for... and I got 162K miles out of it before I traded it in. Turbo...
  4. Switch from 2022 Soft top to Hard top?

    Soft top only Wranglers aren't wired for the hard top, so in addition to the cost of the hard top, you would need to have all the wiring and wiper fluid lines installed. I wanted a soft top, but ordered a hard top because I live in a cold weather climate and it's easier to add a soft top than a...
  5. Heartbroken

    I wanted Chief Blue with a tan interior. Chief was discontinued so I went with Hydro Blue and the dealer misordered black seats for mine. Snazzberry was my 3rd choice.

    My 2013 VW Tiguan had the 2.0 TSI (Audi engine) that had well known timing chain tensioner issues. VW supposedly solved the problem in 2012, but mine had the old tensioner and was replaced under warranty at 57K miles. I know it's a different engine, and what I'm going to mention next is...
  7. North Carolina Tan premium soft top - 4 door (Charlotte area) $450

    If you still have it in spring (March or April), I'd be interested in driving from MKE.
  8. Daily dose of dumb in Toronto Canada

    Also popular in Wiscossippi... I mean Wisconsin, where I live and also own a few.
  9. Daily dose of dumb in Toronto Canada

    My Toronto friend tells me Alberta is full of them. She says it's the Alabama of Canada.
  10. On the return leg home from an errand... checked out Bronco inventory

    This is capitalism... but you can also use it to your advantage... I live in Milwaukee, but grew up in the Chicago area where most of my family remains. I sent emails to 30+ dealers, told them what options I wanted, that I had the Tread Lightly discount, and that I'm sending this to multiple...
  11. California OEM Rubicon JL red dash

    I'm interested... I'm in Milwaukee... what's the best way to pay?
  12. Ordering new JL or picking up used JK

    Normally I’m a used car buyer… but with Wrangers you absolutely want to buy a new one. Not even a question to me. Especially in this buying environment. If you order, you can still get thousands under MSRP. Buying a used Wrangler, there isn’t much depreciation in a normal situation. But right...
  13. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    One of my friends is the GM of a large Chicago area Honda dealer. When I was shopping last summer, he guessed that it would start getting back to normal the Spring of 22. I've been getting alerts on my phone of prices dropping on used cars a lot lately. The dealer that I ordered mine from (a...
  14. Driving in snow / ice…any tips?

    The info about bridges is really important... it was one of the things they covered in Drivers' Ed before they ever let us near a car. I live a quarter mile from a highway interchange. Parts of it reach as high as 70' off the ground. Last winter somebody was driving too quickly and went over the...
  15. Western Wrangler Package

    Saddleman Saddle Blanket Seat Covers - Blanket Car & Truck Seat Covers | AutoAnything
  16. Western Wrangler Package

    I'm saying this as a Northern urban dweller who's driven nothing but imports for 20+ years... The first thing I bought for my Wrangler was brown saddle blanket seat covers. And I'm not sure you can tell from the picture, but that grill insert is red and black buffalo check. I'm going retro...
  17. Apparently this is "news" now. [Bronco related]

    When I ordered my Sport in August, I saw an ad for a 2020 Willys with 6K miles from a dealer about an hour from me in Central WI. To order a 2021 with the same options, the MSRP would have been $37,500... the dealer was asking, and got $43,500 for the used 2020. I'm not sure how things are in...
  18. Driving in snow / ice…any tips?

    I think everybody has covered this pretty well... I've lived in the Chicago area most of my life, but have also lived in Colorado and now live in Milwaukee. I want to stress that 4WD helps with traction and gets you moving... but it's up to your tires to stop you. With my experience, ice is...
  19. Ohio Uconnect 7” with code and bezel

    I'd be interested as well if it would work with my '21 Sport JLU.
  20. Best Mods Under $100

    Anything you can buy used from a fellow member for a fraction of the cost.