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  1. Keeping it under 60 mph for first 500 miles?

    Nobody does this stuff.Cars are ready to rock when you get them.
  2. Keeping key fob in Jeep

    I too have a Mustang GT with this. I put the fob in my pocket and everything works as advertised.I find it interesting that the GTs came with keyless and remote start std. This is almost a grand extra for both on a JL. Plus of course as a modern car we have led's std too. lets not forget limited...
  3. Dashboard Message

    Dont leave your fob in the car. It thinks you just got in and will be starting the motor. It will also drain your batty eventually. Fobs should be in your pocket.
  4. Experienced my first gremlin - fuses were not fully seated

    I seriously doubt Ford would make Broncos with such a lack of quality control. I have ordered 9 new cars since 1987. Some Fords,some GM's,1 Hyundai,1 Nissan. None have ever been back to the dealer for Warranty work. I did have recalls ,most of which I had done. I am amazed at all the "It's under...
  5. Magical Dealership

    Everyone tries to rationalize their new car buying decisions but the decisions are seldom if ever rational.
  6. 1,500 miles and needed new transmission!!

    That limits what you drive. Most hi-end or hi-performance rides are only autos. Faster,lighter,better. Even the Honda gold Wings are autos.
  7. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    Why would they care? They still get payed the same.Thats what helps pay the bills.
  8. Premium cloth or leather

    I am getting into a bit of an orange rut. I have a Harley with factory custom sparkley Orange 2-tone paint. I traded an Inferno Orange Camaro for the orange Mustang. I am trying not to order a Punkin JL.
  9. How long to wait to order to avoid first year blues?

    A friend of mine took a 4 door JL,hardtop, for a ride a couple days ago and the thing was whistling away. The sales person said"thats the way they all are." My friend said he could see daylight through the upper driver door when closed. I am waiting for 2019.
  10. Premium cloth or leather

    I have a Mustang that I had a Katzkins interior installed.It looks fantastic.They did the door panels and console cover. I wonder what ever happened to hi-quality,super long lasting,waterproof,good looking vinyl stock interiors? I've had cars that were 40 yrs old and the interior still looked...
  11. Way to show which gear you on in m/t?

    I have a '12 HD and an '18 Indian.They both have digital gear indicators .
  12. Water streaming into cabin when opening door

    Last months "Popular Mechanics" had a Jeep article,a good one. They interviewed one of the people who do the water testing. It sounded like a perfect seal. So much for that article.
  13. Water streaming into cabin when opening door

    So,you think water pouring in someones new ride is a joke?
  14. Any way to disable auto park?

    Is this only on the top of the line models? I dont see it listed on a Sport-S . I hope so.
  15. Tow package after purchase

    Agreed,I've hooked up many 4-pin pig tails. I always just tapped into the existing tail& brake wires. NEVER a problem.
  16. Cloth top included?

    Thanx, I am getting a hard top .I never have been a fan of convertible type tops. No security,noisy,leaky. need replacing soon. If I feel the need for wind, I have motorcycles that provide all I need. It would have been nice to get the std soft top supplied with the hardtop. Kind of like...
  17. Any Rubicon cloth owners out there

    You cant beat A Katzkin interior for the price. I have one in a Mustang GT and it's really top shelf.I plan on having my Jeep done. I will probably go with the hi-quality vinyl that lasts for a long time. I've had cars that were 35 yrs old and the stock vinyl still looked perfect. I never was a...
  18. Cloth top included?

    Yeah, I am getting a 2 door,Sport-S. So,it comes std with a soft top but if you pay $1100 for a hard top,you dont get a soft top?
  19. Cloth top included?

    On a Sport-S,when you order a hard top do you also get the soft top?