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  1. Official Denver Area Group

    I’d be in! Very little free time but would rather opt out of something than not know about it. It’d be some combination of my boys and I unless we can make a date night out of a run, as I have been known to do. Been in CO for a long time, but grew up in the South. We spend a lot of time on the...
  2. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    I’ve had 5 Wranglers, all cloth. My JLUR I kinda walked into at the dealer had leather and I wasn’t sure about it. So far, I’ll never get cloth again. Both my JKs cloth seats would be splotched and marked so easily. I wipe down my leather and it looks new much more easily and quickly than any...
  3. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    @JeepCares I just PM'd you as well as my 2018 JLUR is without them still also. Thank you for any help!
  4. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Have that same picture (avatar) from the same dealership. Beautiful Jeep!
  5. Suggestions for where to "break in" Rubicon JLU in CO, in early May

    We ought to arrange a trip. I spent some time a couple weeeknds ago up Rampart Range and some fun single obstacles, but would like to hit something a bit longer.

    Completely agree. Seems to dynamically refresh it’s appeal. Even seen some bronze/burnt ember-ish values. Absolutely gorgeous color. And it sports mud and dirt as if it’s part of the plan.

    Great question. There was a similar TJ color to SG (had one) and I always felt it looked cheap and dated quickly. Felt indecisive. Definitely an ok color, but not close to granite. Seems like people are looking elsewhere because they think there are too many granites. Too popular seems a silly...
  8. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Love the silvers. Beautiful. Almost went that way. But granite is something special. Especially with the red rubi accents.
  9. Tan Leather Interior for Offroad Use

    Not sure about the tan but this is my first leather Jeep (black, though) and will never have another cloth interior. Took my youngest out for our dad/son date this weekend. To the mountains with food, drinks, mud, snow, and all the joy that it could be. And he did what a good 6-year-old should...
  10. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    I posted about this in a manual thread, but well, well worth the wait. Almost did auto (back issues) and wife threatened me if I did. The manual transmission evolution from JK to JL is - in my opinion - the most under-hyped upgrade in the model. The JL manual transmission is incredible. If you...
  11. JLUR Manual Transmission Problems

    Read a couple comparisons - the improvement of the manual transmission from JK to JL is maybe the most under-heralded advancements. In every possible way the JK manual is a pig compared to the JL. Not even close to comparable. Just got back from some time up in the mountains and with some decent...
  12. iPad Mount

    Great solution. Is there a write up of that somewhere?
  13. iPad Mount

    Searched but no luck finding any posts or threads that are helpful. I have the 8.4" infotainment and love it but there is still a need for my 10.5" iPad Pro (trail maps/Gaia, etc.) Anyone have a brilliant solution? I'd like something similar for my iPhone 8+ so maybe there's something that...
  14. JL/JLU OEM Windshield?

    This is the most helpful post yet. Checking on this now as my JLUR already is cracked halfway up and basically all the way across. Love Colorado!
  15. JLUR Manual Transmission Problems

    Best manual transmission I’ve ever had in a Jeep. Noticed it on first test drive and never looked back.
  16. Makes NO Sense to Buy Anything other than a Rubicon

    Thank you. Maybe the best thing I’ve read all day.
  17. Project SWAMPCAT

    Other than transmission and body colored parts we have the identical Jeep. I hedged between silver and granite but you are going to be extremely happy. My first leather interior Jeep, first pretty loaded one, but third Rubicon. I have a test hill I climb in various manners (4Lo only, 4Lo locked...
  18. Any recommended Colorado dealers?

    I was very, very close to that same deal on my JLUR. And I drove it off the lot and was home 20 mins later. After waiting about one week for it to come in. Pretty lucky this go around.
  19. Leather shortage holdup?

    I’ve had five wranglers. My JLUR is the first with leather. Worth the wait. Never going back.
  20. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    I used to use this: with my last TJ and first JK. Been awhile though.