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  1. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    1 - From your original post my take away of what I assume to be your best recommendations -upgrading the dash tweeters to 3.5", upgrading(with the new box) the speakers in the knee/kick area to 6.5", upgrading the tweeters in the bar to 3.5" and upgrading the larger speakers in the bar to their...
  2. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    I was only asking based off of your comment from post #71 here - Was just double checking because that seems like less work to me, and wanted to clarify to save me some time lol! Most...
  3. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    So you would recommend having 6.5" coax speakers(woofer along with the built in tweeter) in the bar and not your larger speaker with that little tweeter?
  4. Speaker replacement upgrade

    So I am assuming that your Apline stock amp powers the 6.5's, or can one use the stock Non-Alpine Jeep radios and have the 6.5"s work? My old JKU I just dropped 6.5" kickers in the knees and bar and they worked perfectly as well as unplugging the 4 tweeters to prevent to much highs.
  5. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    I just realized that the JKU has for its larger sized speakers 6.5". On the wranglerforums website, someone, I forget by now, suggested unplugging all four tweeters and installing four 77kick10's(6.5"). I did that, and I was more than happy. The 77kick10's are coaxial, so unplugging the tweeters...
  6. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    So of these two harnesses - which one would I buy if I don't have a sub? I am assuming the T-harness but I could find no info on that. Thanks Alpine 820SVV90ZUD-PQKUQV Main Harness ($42.86) Alpine 820SVV90ZUD-WKUQV T-Harness ($42.86)
  7. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    In your original post you mentioned a specific 4 channel amp, if I upgraded all 8 of my speakers, how would they all receive from this 4 channel amp? Sorry if it is a bad question, really have no background in this area. Thanks
  8. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    I have read a lot of long paged threads and people seem to say that these speakers you mentioned seem to fix highs and mids but leave the lows lacking. I might have to go one row of speakers at a time and experiment. I am more than happy with well powered ~4" speakers and the sound they give...
  9. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    I installed them in my JKU and it wasn't that bad. I did use the 77kick10's in my knee and sound bar and unplugged the dash tweeters and sound bar tweeters and that level of sound was just what I was looking for. Was planning on doing the same but it appears the JLU's are different and upgrading...
  10. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    I used to own your average sedan back in the day and it came with 6.5" speakers in the read deck of the car as well as I think ~5" speakers in the door with an upgraded single din radio and the car was in my opinion loud and clear. Just looking for that kind of duplication in sound with the JLU...
  11. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    So I read this whole thread and still have some questions. Will replacing the knee speakers and the large sound bar speakers to better speakers but the same size (not to 6.5” speakers) along with the two dash speakers and the two sound bar speakers to the kicker upgrade require the amp mentioned...