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  1. Stinger Heigh10 NOT booting up at Jeep start

    That is very good news! Thank you for the reply. Bummer that you had to ditch the wireless HDMI device but it sounds worth it. Now I know what my next upgrade will be ;-)
  2. Stinger Heigh10 NOT booting up at Jeep start

    Have a Tazer by chance? I’m reading that they don’t play nice together. Adding thread to my watched list as I’m contemplating getting a Heigh10 myself.
  3. BIKE RACK recommendation for Jeep Rubicon Unlimited 4DR 2021

    Well said. Once I realized I was going to have a significant investment hanging off the back I went with a 1UP. Being extremely confident that the bikes are secure behind me let’s me relax, forget they are back there, focus and drive normally.
  4. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    Doh! Looks like it working out great in the end though. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Super helpful!
  5. Has anyone removed this panel?

    Oh man I stand corrected. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like all is ok though.
  6. Has anyone removed this panel?

    06510407AB should be the correct part number for those small white dash clips.
  7. Has anyone removed this panel?

    I only broke the little white clip. Everything else I would never worry about. Plenty durable.
  8. Has anyone removed this panel?

    I broke one clip pulling mine off. It was cold so I’m guessing that had something to do with it. Replacement was no biggie.
  9. Any dealers in the North East with Fantastic JLUR Pricing?

    Sometimes Key CJDR in Lebanon NH will mark one down that has been on the lot for awhile. I believe around 5% under invoice.
  10. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Well said. I feel like I’m right there with ya, music taste and all. I started thinking I’d go for it and get the Morel Hybrids. Now I’m thinking the pods plus something half the price paired with an amp/sub I already own. Especially when I’m playing at normal volumes out cruising with the...
  11. What size speakers?

    You might like these ones I’m talking about. They mount in the OEM location behind the dash. They are simply cut for a bigger speaker is all. Even come with an adaptor to plug into factory wiring. They sell for $60 a pair FYI. Also I believe you have to buy them from a dealer as Metra doesn’t...
  12. What size speakers?

    They are like 4 inch speakers but Metra is coming out with new speaker pods for 6 1/2 inch. This post/thread should help you. Speaker replacement upgrade
  13. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Just left you a message to get in line for a set! Speaking of SSV, would you happen to know the internal volume of their JP1-DS10 sub box? Looks like it might be a nice home for my JL Audio 10TW3-D4 Also, thank you for sharing your knowledge on this forum. Much appreciated!
  14. Buy a 19 JLR V6 or wait for the '20 Turbo?

    I had Select-Trac in a Cherokee. The ability to come off a snowy slippery side street onto pavement, take a left up a hill and punch it without any 4wd bind was really sweet. Once on a sheer ice driveway it wouldn’t get me up an incline. Used the part time 4wd mode to lockup the transfer case...