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  1. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    For me, the original rubicon would wander and just seem to For me, the original rubicon would wander and have play in the steering wheel (could move a few inches to the left or right of dead center steering wheel, and no directional change in vehicle. I also had a 'floaty' type feeling and...
  2. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    As someone that has owned two 2018 JLUR's, the second one has way tighter steering. The other one was crazy bad.
  3. Metalcloak GameChanger on JLUR?

    Beautiful Rubicon! Yeah, I was wanting to go 37's....why did I have to get back into the Jeep world? haha
  4. Metalcloak GameChanger on JLUR?

    Thanks everyone! Now to decide if I want the 2.5 or 3.5. Unfortunately I live in Pittsburgh so...parking garage heights of 6.5' or so. Has anyone ever measured before/after the 2.5 and 3.5 lift to see actual lift? I know Mopar lift states 2" and most end up getting 3".
  5. Metalcloak GameChanger on JLUR?

    Hey everyone, For those of you with the MC GC on a is everyday drivability? I am currently debating between Mopar lift and 37's...or the MC GC Rocksport and 37s. I would like to keep my current quality of pavement driving if at all possible.
  6. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    I have actually thought about that. And I totally agree its crazy how big they are. I think the height is kind of deceiving due to how wide it is.
  7. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    I have not got it done yet. What really makes me wonder about the current parking garage is...I see a new raptor parked in here with me. Looking online it states they are 78.5" tall. If a stock Rubicon is 72"....add 3" for lift....add 2" for bump from 33 - 37 is 77", a full 1.5"...
  8. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    Of course I go out to the parking garage...and realize I have a full 8.5" between the top of my roof, and the steel beam above it in the garage.
  9. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    Thank you! I just found a parking garage nearby that is 6'10"....but think I may have to play it safe with just the 35s.
  10. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    Thanks everyone...I am wondering if I should do Mopar lift and 35's to be safe.
  11. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    I do, unfortunatly it's half a mile from my office building. Originally I was planning on Mopar lift and 35s, but have seen a couple pictures that make this look "odd" (huge gap between tire and fenders). The odd thing is, I see a new Ford Raptor in our parking garage and it appears specs on...
  12. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    Good morning all, I currently have a 2018 JLUR. I am wanting to put a lift on, and 37's. Currently I am tossing around the idea of either the Mopar lift, or Metalcloak 2.5. My parking garage at work is 6'6"...would I fit with either of these lifts with 37s? What about Metalcloak 3.5
  13. Questions: JLUR w/ mopar lift and 35/37 tires

    Good morning, new to the forum! Have a Granite JLUR and plan on getting the Mopar lift. My big debate is whether to move up to 35" tires, or 37" tires. Are there rubbing issues at all with the lift and 37s? Will it totally ruin the ride compared to 35"?