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  1. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada Many options. I had the Morimoto XB Sequentials and Oracle Side Track installed on ours.
  2. The Canadian 6+ Month Club - Post how long you have been waiting

    My wait was 33 weeks, 7 1/2 months.
  3. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Remember, whatever the dealer offers you as a trade value you have to multiply by 1.13 (Ontario HST) to get your true cash value. So if, for example, Auto Trader is giving you an instant cash value of $20K and your dealer is offering you $19K, the true value of your dealer trade is actually...
  4. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Thanks. I tried the Autotrader option you mentioned and the Instant Cash offer was just over $27K. My dealership offered me $25k on trade, which after taking the HST savings into account comes to just over $28k so a pretty good offer from dealer. In any case, after speaking to their local FCA...
  5. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    I have the dealership's managing partner looking into it for me. He says they have rarely had to deal with a situation like this where an ordered vehicle has taken so long to come in and the sticker price has gone up in the meantime.
  6. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    The Bill of sale has a Total Sale Price of $67015 minus the $7600 discount for a total of $59415. The Final "Sold Order" Order sheet with all the options has a total of $68910 --> minus the $1895 Freight Charge (which is a separate Line List Total on the Bill Of Sale, makes the vehicle price...
  7. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    We signed off on our order Jan 25,2021 and was given an agreed upon BIll of Sale. 7 months later the Jeep finally arrived. Manager told me they would honor the original deal discount and the original trade value for our trade-in. When I looked at the new bill of sale the new MSRP and Total Sale...
  8. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Cross posted.... She's here after more than 7 months.0
  9. Average Delivery time in Canada

    cross posted... It's here....
  10. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    It has arrived....
  11. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Do a VIN search on Cassens and enter the dealer code. Pops right up.
  12. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Yours is scheduled to be delivered tonight or tomorrow. It's on a Cassens Pre-Delivery manifest
  13. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    My High Altitude came off the line 2 days ago.
  14. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    We are now in KZS status. Should be shipped out soon. I'll be watching the Cassens site like a hawk. Almost there....
  15. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    It means the build is complete pending installation of optional accessories or equipment.
  16. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    Build sheet showed up on CS today. Jeep Chat says it has been built and sent to Body Vendor for additional optional equipment that may have been ordered. Hmmmm... Wondering what that could be? The only options we really added were the Off Road Camera and the MOPAR all-weather floor mats, cargo...
  17. Cancelled Factory Order

    That sucks. Looks like you will truly have to order a MY22. With all the price increases to boot.
  18. Cancelled Factory Order

    Did you ever receive a VIN (D-Status)?
  19. Average Delivery time in Canada

    Estimated Ship Date usually means that is the day they expect to finish the build and send it out for shipping. Many things can delay that date... Sent to secondary body vendor for optional equipment, Delays in inspection, sent to secondary inspection, delays in shipping (rail or truck carrier...
  20. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Update on our JLU Sahara High Altitude (Canadian Build) Granite Crystal Metallic, loaded. Engine: 2.0L DOHC I-4 DI Turbo w/ESS Transmission: 8-Speed TorqueFlite Auto All the standard features that come with the HAs (Quick Order Package 22N High Altitude) like Safety Group, LED Group, Cold...