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  1. LED lights in snowstorm

    Definitely let me know! Sounds like a solid idea. I know it would probably help a little since most of the problem is when it builds up from there
  2. How are those 18’s early 19’s holding up?

    I didn't like it dying on me right before the start of summer! :mad: so I couldn't care less what IT thinks of ME at this point :like:
  3. LED lights in snowstorm

    What was the reason for replacing the headlights?
  4. How are those 18’s early 19’s holding up?

    At this point, I'm not worried about it since I'm getting rid of mine before that will matter:like:
  5. LED lights in snowstorm

    Did yours come with factory LEDs? I noticed the headlights are also aftermarket but the fender lights look as if they are not halogen...
  6. LED lights in snowstorm

    That makes more sense now. But holy crap, those are definitely pricey!
  7. LED lights in snowstorm

    I'm curious, are your Mopar fogs halogen? My LED factory fogs are not even warm to the touch...
  8. LED lights in snowstorm

    That's exactly what I had to do as well. The next day I was filling up my gas and I literally took the handle end of the window washer squeegee to clean my fog lights off.
  9. How are those 18’s early 19’s holding up?

    August built 2018 JLU Sahara. Had a few issues. One major issue with my alternator... Overall it's been OK. Just turned 18,000 miles this morning. Have some issues with Uconnect/back up camera intermittently. The Bluetooth music playing and glitching issue seemed to go away so I'm glad about...
  10. LED lights in snowstorm

    So I was driving my Jeep up to Vermont this past Friday night. I didn't know it was supposed to be snowing as much as it did, but it was definitely coming down at a decent rate. My problem I was having, which I have had before, was the snow kept building up on my headlights and the foglights...
  11. Clicking noise when turning.

    You're not the only one who wonders this. Like I said in my previous posts, I'm buying a Ford once I get my payment down enough and hopefully the bronco will be out and a good replacement for my Jeep.
  12. Clicking noise when turning.

    No it's the same thing. Tighten the nuts on the ball joints(the castle nuts) and the noise should go away
  13. Clicking noise when turning.

    I know. It just baffles me how much "hit or miss" happens with all of them. All of the posts I've seen on here is like 50% they've had so many issues and 50% just think people are making it all up since they've never had a single issue with theirs. I wish I could say I haven't had an issue, I...
  14. Clicking noise when turning.

    I wrench for a living. I bought my jlu thinking since it was new I wouldn't have to work on it and it generally shouldn't have many issues. Well, just like my 92 YJ... It has definitely had it's problems. However, the 92 was expected to have problems, not the 18:headbang:
  15. Clicking noise when turning.

    I have my issues already taken care of. Of course I did wait for the dealer to fix it. Just because I can fix it myself, that doesn't mean I want to or that I care to be fixing my brand new $50k vehicle that shouldn't have issues this early on. Hate on me if you want, but that's how I look at it
  16. Clicking noise when turning.

    Sounds like they're giving you the same run around I got. Good luck with that buy back too, probably not gonna happen. I went around and around with those guys and it got me nowhere basically. Waiting to see what this bronco looks like when it comes out....
  17. Clicking noise when turning.

    Lol that's great. I'm sorry, not laughing at you. I had the dealer replace my wheel hub and they admitted it wasn't fixed. Then they took the whole knuckle apart and Chrysler told them tighten everything to factory torque specs and now the noise is gone. So I would either suggest going to...
  18. 2.0 BSG went bad

    Thanks. It's a tough decision for me since I do have two older jeeps that I love. A 92 wrangler and an 82 J10 pickup which is in pieces right now(haven't had time to get back to it). I do wish it all went down differently and it had a better outcome, but I guess I'm one of the few that had this...
  19. 2.0 BSG went bad

    Sorry to hear you had it worse off than me. Unfortunately it's too late for me to fight with Chrysler on the lemon law, and they know that. They've been jerking me around for the past 2 months about it. Sad to say that I truly don't care to buy another Chrysler product after this. I'll be going...
  20. Clicking noise when turning.

    So my dealer finally got me a loaner and within 2 days "fixed" my Jeep. They told me they took the steering knuckle off and reassembled everything using factory torque specs. The noise is gone for now