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  1. Connecticut WTB: Mopar tailgate reinforcement and oversized tire carrier

    06850, Take your time Appreciate the sale
  2. Connecticut WTB: Mopar tailgate reinforcement and oversized tire carrier

    $450 sounds awesome, would you be able to get me a quote on shipping?
  3. Connecticut WTB: Mopar tailgate reinforcement and oversized tire carrier

    Looking to buy used is fine, so long as parts are included. Live in 06850 Will drive within reason or pay shipping Anyone getting bigger tires and/or new bumper and looking to unload?
  4. Virginia Mopar Hinge Gate Reinforcement for sale $500

    If you're willing to do $400 shipped I'll give you my PayPal now
  5. Connecticut FS Mopar Side Step Bars (18-19 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door) $200

    Bump, price change. Want them gone.
  6. Best doorless side mirrors?

    Are those easily removable so I can detach them when the doors are on? I don't want to strip any bolts on my cowl but I like how clean they look installed.
  7. Connecticut FS: 5 Upgraded 2018 Upgraded Sahara Wheels and Tires $750 OBO

    11k miles on 4 tires, spare never used. Includes special keyed lugs (1 per wheel) and factory TPMS Local Pickup only
  8. Best doorless side mirrors?

    As the title says I'm looking to order some doorless side mirrors ( Hinge mounted or anything else ) that I can use when taking the doors off. I have a set from my JK but they fit a little too snug for my liking ( VERY hard to get out even with plenty of WD40 prior to install) So fellow forum...
  9. California JL CHMSL Center High Mounted Stoplight Relocation Bracket OEM

    Thank you very much. I live all the way over in CT @06850 and am willing to pay shipping. I'll watch thread to stay posted. GLWS either way ^^d
  10. Connecticut FS Mopar Side Step Bars (18-19 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door) $200

    Bump, still available. Local pickup only.
  11. Arkansas UPDATED: My JL Misc Part Store is Open!!! 1 item left....

    "Jeep JLU Rear Rubber Cargo Mat/Back seat protector(no clips/hardware included - stayed on JLUR I traded, but I'm sure you can get the clips from your local Jeep Dealer) / $50" Would these work with a cloth interior?
  12. Connecticut FS Mopar Side Step Bars (18-19 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door) $200

    Taken off at just under 9k miles, no damage and just have them hanging out in my garage. Prefer Local pickup, will consider reasonable offers. Will provide pictures if anyone is interested. EDIT: $125, get these out of my garage.
  13. Map of dealers with competitive pricing

    I can attest to this. After having talked to dealers in MA about getting 5% under and a good trade-in I was told by "Wrangler Rob" that if I was able to get the deal I was offered that I should take his info and order him one too. Was told best they could do was $500 over invoice and $18.5k...
  14. Drained Battery, Any jumpstart tips??

    I've personally tried to jump like normal and had 2 roadside ppl come out (luckily it's in my driveway) and none of them could jump it :(
  15. Drained Battery, Any jumpstart tips??

    Does anyone have experience removing the main battery and jumping the AUX battery?
  16. Drained Battery, Any jumpstart tips??

    Ok, so I had something drawing juice plugged into my rear power outlet and this morning i went to go start the jeep and nothing. doors didnt even unlock. Bought a jumpstart kit from WalMart and it at least got my interior power and locks working but didn't have enough juice to jump the jeep...
  17. Soft top window cleaning

    I, as many others have here, bought my jeep out of state ( about 3 hours away in my case ). Would any resolutions come from a local dealer or would we have to talk to the dealer that sold us the Jeep?
  18. Soft top window cleaning

    That is EXACTLY what my window streaks looked like. perhaps it wasn't an issue with cleaning but a defect from the factory or from sitting on a railcar? Please let me know if you get any feedback from JEEP
  19. Soft top window cleaning

    So, I looked and couldn't find any information specific for JLs. Went to the car wash and told them specifically not to use any wax just soap and water last Wednesday, Saturday night I noticed there were some streaks going vertical almost like "drip marks". So far I've tried warm water and dish...