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  1. 6 months in the shop what would you do.

    Read your state's lemon laws and have a lawyer write a letter of intent to lemon it. Chances are if its been there 30+ days out of useful service it will meet requirements for a replacement. It's time to quit playing with the dealership's service department, good intentions and all, and get a...
  2. aFe POWER releases 2 new exhaust systems for 392

    Happy to have options... I think the Jeep team got the exhaust almost perfect from stock imo. I'd like it to be a little deeper in tone but its damn near perfect as-is, especially with the dual sound aspects. I'll keep watching for new options but I can honestly say this is one area that...
  3. Is the 392 longer up front ?

    Where are you measuring from? I know the 392 and Mojave are an inch taller at the cowling with the larger hood but I don't think the front is any different in lengths (at least with the Unlimited wheelbases).
  4. 392 with 35" Tires

    #3 - After lots of research I'm sticking with the stock 33s for a while here. I think the 35 all look good but adding 10+ lbs per corner will affect the handling (which I really like the stock feel of the standard 392 setup). If you want a 35 that is close to the same weight look at the Goodyear...
  5. Bourbon talk...

    Nice setup... lots of similar tastes here.
  6. Bourbon talk...

    How is it? I use/like the normal BH but only in the sense that its like the Coors version of Bourbons... light and good for warm weather but that's about it. I will have to try it as an Old Fashioned mixer, that sounds good.
  7. First time Wrangler Owner - 392 Rubicon - Desert Does It Seat Slammer

    Ah apologies... yes I'm just needing a little more tilt. My JK seats are great... the JL needs a little more slant for me to be comfortable (at 5'11"). Good luck on yours.
  8. First time Wrangler Owner - 392 Rubicon - Desert Does It Seat Slammer

    These just bolt in ... have a set somewhere in the mail as I type. That's about the only mod that's needed to make this seating position comfortable for me. The 392 is simply awesome (as a Wrangler). It's 99% to where my Trailhawk is for on road drivability and a whole lot more fun with the...
  9. MOPAR Leather Dash Kit

    I kinda like the stock sparkle/grey dash... had this on the list initially but unsure I'll do this mod now. More installation pics may inspire me though. Once I get the wheels swapped I'm likely done with mods for a while.
  10. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    I have a 2dr JK Backcountry/Sahara as well and love the jeeps for what they are. The 392 though is a total surprise for me on how polished it is. It's almost a Trailhawk in driver feel when you have the loud button off and drive like an adult lol.
  11. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    Jeep is HUGELY profitable, second only to Porsche I'd bet. I mean good for them both though right... I just bought a $81K Wrangler... that stings a bit but what a great little truck/suv.
  12. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    Durango is already gone, see new GC "L" model. Stellanis needs to re-certify or sell new dealer franchises for the Jeep-only approach to work. Last thing you want to have in your network is some 50+ yr old family franchise that grew up selling cars based on bad loans/leases and milking customers...
  13. Pass on the Gorilla Glass

    Glass replacement is a claim fwiw. More than 2 claims in a policy period will mark you a 'RISK' customer. I've lost count on replacements here over ~30yrs of rock/highway impacts. I still have replacements on my policy but I pay a crap-ton for it. Had my Trailhawk replaced by SafeLite (insurance...
  14. BFG K02 315/70 difference ??

    Ford commissioned the higher speed rating 315... don't specifically know if there is any real difference in the ply layers. They both measure and weigh the same. Check the sidewall of the Ford/T one... maybe they changed the branding like they did on the Goodyear 315s.
  15. Backup sensors beeping with 35”s

    Ugh sorry to see. You still have mirrors... maybe do some practicing? I'm trying to teach the wife here how to use the Ram's 3500/tow mirrors here. She can tow just fine but gauging distances is still a problem when backing the trailers (admittedly me too here).
  16. Ceramic Coating.... Yes or No?

    Lol. Sounds like me... clear coats are incredibly hard today (most are anyway) so I've gotten pretty lazy with all my stuff. I have a 3500 Ram I use for towing horse stuff (black/silver) that is always dirty and then my daily Trailhawk (dk red) water spots like crazy here. I use Griots iron...