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  1. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    I had a 2 Door.....2012...and traded in on a 2019 4 door.....Have to say....would never go back....but that is just me...I have so much more room in the 4 door...and not having a truck anymore...I can get so much more in my 4 door...
  2. Would you be hesitant to buy a used 2020 JL that was a rental car?

    Mine was In Great Shape.....Looked New inside and out....Main reason I bought it
  3. Would you be hesitant to buy a used 2020 JL that was a rental car?

    My 2019 was a rental Jeep from our Local Enterprise ....I kinda thought the same thing...still had full warranty...and my sales rep told me he knew the folks from the rental ...they had to always make sure they kept the Jeep maintained because it was a rental...they only keep on the rental...
  4. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    I have no regrets ...I knew what I was buying when I went into it.....Love My Jeep....Not sure if it will be something I drive for ever but had it over a year now and Still enjoy driving it everyday...
  5. How many of you have put 35's on stock wheels after lift...???

    How many of you have put 35's on stock wheels after Lift...???
  6. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    I have a Rtic soft cooler......I really like it and it was way less than the Yeti
  7. 35 " Tires On Stock Sahara Wheels?

    Yes....2019 Sahara I have a lifetime power train warranty from the dealer when I bought the I will be putting the factory Mopar Lift kit on it...Keeps the warranty in tact ...I like my factory wheels...I was checking to see how many folks put 35's on their factory wheels...and Pics on...
  8. Hard top wind noise

    They replaced the windshield and installed new freedom tops and still have mine....not as bad but still I am just living with it...
  9. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    Hum....I would do away with the Start/Stop feature....I mean who uses it anyway...we all turn it off anyway
  10. Flat tire, and Jack.

    When I had my JK and 35's Ran into the same problem...So I went on the hunt for a jack that would raise the jeep but be safe...I did not want one of those bumper jacks so I ended up with This
  11. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    No regrets here...I truly Love my 4 door over the 2 door....hands down
  12. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    I had a 2012 JK and it was 2 door....shoot I ran it forever with the back seat was I am in a 2019 4 door...and Have to say for me...I really like having the extra room...been several times where I have picked up some items and I did not have to hook up the trailer...they fit...
  13. sirius xm

    Crazy ...I really cannot believe that sirius xm does not offer any 4G connections for devices ..when I had My Chev. and On Star I had it ...and was great when traveling the Wife could connect her Ipad through the car...but as Big as sirius xm is they do not offer anything...shame...would be an...
  14. Hard top wind noise

    Well Good Luck....I have a 2019 Sahara and have a lot of wind noise...even the dealership has agreed it's more than much so they have installed a new windshield and new freedom tops...and it's still there...
  15. Wind noise - Jeep is looking into this

    No Not yet...but would be a Good Place to try next
  16. Wind noise - Jeep is looking into this

    Sorry to Hear.....That's just Not Right...
  17. Wind noise - Jeep is looking into this

    Yea may be my next option....only 5k miles left on factory warranty and this needs to be fixed....
  18. Wind noise - Jeep is looking into this

    I see what your saying...could be...I need to lay mine down also...and check...they were sure it was coming in from the windshield...and they replaced changed then he said it was coming in through the freedom tops they ordered and installed a new set...I still hear a whistle...
  19. Jumping battery if alone?

    What I have The Zeus