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  1. Back Up Camera wire smashed

    Any install this cable and rear camera, but on front grill on Jl ??? A
  2. Radio 7inch vs 8.4 inch

    On Ebay for sale 7 inch and someone tell me if this is a good price is 2020
  3. Upgrading from 5” unconnect 3 to 8.4” uconnect 4

    One on sale but 7 inch on Ebay, its 2020, the radio are new
  4. Anyone having issue with dash Compass and GPS?

    Its inside the radio in the right side panel. Its easy to change davicarm_0 on ebay and tell him about the card or send him this photo. I buy to him.
  5. Anyone having issue with dash Compass and GPS?

    I resolve the same issue replace the sierra wireless airdcar, the card are damage. Its easy to change. And the gps its working again.
  6. 8.4” Uconnect Radio With Nav/Bezel/Unlock Code

    Look someone post one used on Ebay with vessel and code included.