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  1. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    These look great. Can you leave the base mounts attached to the rollbar when you put the hardtop back on? Did you drill all the way through the roll bar and attach with bolt/washer/nut?
  2. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Does anyone know of a fishing rod holder that could be attached to the vertical click-in bars? so that the rods are stacked vertically, taking up minimal real estate on the crossbar?
  3. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Looks great! What length/weight are your kayaks? I have a two door and two hobie compass fishing kayaks I'm hoping to transport with these racks. They're 12ft long, 34" wide, and about 75 lbs each. Approx how big are your yaks? Are you able to mount the front bar on the freedom panels for a...
  4. Method MR316 Wheels?

    Definitely still happy with them. I like an understated/simple look and these fit the bill and match the sting gray perfectly. Plus they’re lightweight, ideal offset for 315s, and hubcentric. I personally chose these over the 704 because fewer holes were more pleasing to my eye.
  5. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    This is exactly what I need thanks!
  6. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Any ideas on how one would transport two Hobie Fishing kayaks on top of a two door? they're about 75 lbs each. Trailer isn't a great option because I'm in a very crowded area of California and parking is close to impossible to find even without a trailer. I don't love J hooks for heavy boats...
  7. Method MR316 Wheels?

    Pulled the trigger on these and some 315 ko2’s. Also have 1” teraflex coil spacers on all four corners. I like ‘em.
  8. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    Seems like it would make a lot more financial sense to get these and paint them. Especially if you don't need the windows:
  9. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    This is my first jeep (2 dr) and I'm in CA so I run topless from May through October. I like doorless but my wife likes doors, so these seem like a great compromise. Does anyone know when these will be available as an accessory? Where would we order from, and since their painted, I'm assuming...
  10. Any pics out there of Mopar Satin Carbon Gear Wheels 77072471AB?

    This video should give you all the angles you could possibly want:
  11. Method MR316 Wheels?

    Any experience out there on the Method MR316 wheels? They're very similar in appearance to 701's, but have two more holes and are only 25 lbs. Hub-centric, 0 offset, and seem to be priced pretty reasonably.
  12. New Method 701 question

    Are the Method 701's Lug Centric?
  13. Battery died because I thought vehicle was off but it was ESS

    Thanks to everyone for the help. I think I figured it out. I think I shut off the motor (didn't leave in ESS mode) but just left it in drive instead of park. Some other accessory or dome light was on. When I went back to the jeep a week later the battery was just drained beyond my ability to...
  14. Battery died because I thought vehicle was off but it was ESS

    My battery is completely dead and the vehicle is stuck in Drive. It was sitting for about a week so I can't say for sure what happened. Only thing I can think of is that I "parked", pulled the parking brake but did not put gear in park. The vehicle shut off and since I was distracted, I thought...
  15. How do you manage a naked Wrangler storage overnight?

    Yes I was wondering the same. I live close to the pacific and have lots of dew every night. Lost my garage spot due to my other hobbies. Might be a dumb question, but doesn't dew only fall vertically so we just need to throw a cover over the top?
  16. Fifteen 52 Analog HD...anyone?

    What lift is that? I think the proportions actually look good with the 33s
  17. California Sold: 5 Rubicon Wheels taken off 2020 SF Bay Area

    Selling 5 Rubicon wheels taken off my 2020 Rubicon at 1,000 miles. Perfect, like-new condition. TPMS not included. Northern Bay Area California. No Shipping. $400 for set of 5.
  18. Pic request: Stock Rubicon w/ offset wheels

    Looks great. Those are 285's? Also nice view of the rock. My family is in MB and SLO county. Californias best kept secret.
  19. Pic request: Stock Rubicon w/ offset wheels

    Yes I put Mickey Thompson Classic III wheels which are 17x9 -12 offset. I like them with 33s but would prob stick out too far for my taste with 35s. I should add that I also ended up stackingvtwo 1/2" teraflex spacers in the front and rear. Gives it 1" lift on all four corners. I like the...