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  1. On the return leg home from an errand... checked out Bronco inventory

    I ordered my 392 in 2021...after five months Jeep canceled it and said I needed to reorder a 2022. I truly wanted it, had waited enough time, and so I bought one off a lot with a $5K ADM. I hate that it happened that way, but I got the exact Jeep I wanted and didn't have to keep waiting...
  2. Beware the Little Trees!!!

    What happened is eye opening and I will now NEVER use of those again, thanks for the PSA. Personally though I just take the Jeep top off and after a few days there are no more bad smells anyway.
  3. ARB Hydrolic Jack VS US Made Bottle Jack

    Funny enough I was just looking the ARB Jack and the reviews. I have been given actual lessons on my hi lift and I’m still scared of that damn thing. However I crushed a wheel on John Bull last year and tried to repair in some very soft dirt. My bottle Jack wouldn’t get high enough even with...
  4. 35x12.50r17E rim and tire weight 106lbs?

    I installed my mopar kit, but here's my serious question. The tire bracket is beefier, but the hinges didn't change. Isn't that what's supporting the real weight? How much weight can the hinges take before bending? I haven't found an answer though....
  5. XR Color poll

    They make other colors than Sarge? I didn't notice. (I was actually swayed by Sting when I found out the official name was Destroyer and I also really really wanted Nacho but the 392 didn't have it as an option.)
  6. Screw size for plastic rear wiper cover?

    It’s a very small metric screw using a torx 15. That’s the best I can figure out. I brought it to my hardware store but they had no idea. That’s why I’m asking. Do you happen to know?
  7. Vroom Tales of Woe

    I wish I had! Everyone was charging an add on fee here so I bought in VA! Saved about ten grand and can’t get my plates. My personalized plates should have been 4 weeks but they now say 9 months so that’s holding things up as well.
  8. Screw size for plastic rear wiper cover?

    I went to install the Oracle light in the rear compartment and lost one of the small screws for the plastic wiper cover. Anybody know the actual screw size for the plastic cover, they are very small....
  9. Vroom Tales of Woe

    I just sold my JK to Vroom and it went super smoothly but it was also sketchy. My wife, the lawyer, was not happy I did it this way. Vroom has you sign a contract to sell them your car, then send them your title, then they send a random guy in a pickup truck to take your car away. Amazingly...
  10. Watch This Bronco Blow Out Its 4WD System Attempting to Speed Through a Mud Pit

    Okay, I’ll be the idiot here. I’m in southern cal where rain is a once a year thing and we don’t play in the mud much. I’ll go on rocks and sand all day though. How did the driver screw up his bronco with the mud? I get he could have scouted it, but what actually happened?
  11. New 2022 Bronco. Watch out Wrangler.

    I’ve said this before but again, thank g-d for the Bronco. I wouldn’t have a 392 with 35s from the factory if it didn’t exist. Jeep needed a kick in the butt and this was it. Now pardon me while I rev my engine a little.
  12. Jurassic Park

    I worked as a tour guide at Universal when the movie came out. They made a water ride to go with it and offered a lottery to all the guides for a themed jeep if you won. I didn’t win, but the jeep looked amazing! Straight out of the movie.
  13. Brought home new 392…what’s this?

    Quick question, I hope. Lots of people talking about RCV. How does that help my 392 CV joint? I'm all for making my Jeep tougher and i just don't know anything about CV joints.
  14. Worst thing to happen with top/doors off?

    That is literally the only time I would use ride sharing. I would request you every day!
  15. Worst thing to happen with top/doors off?

    Not the worst but still funny. I was driving around in the summer and stopped in front of a hotel at a red light. A small old Asian lady got in my back seat and asked to go downtown. She seemed to think I was some sort of hotel shuttle and didn’t speak enough English to get out. I dropped her...
  16. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    I think the 2 door looks amazing with this hood! One warning to anyone who wants to do it though. I have a 392 which is essentially the same hood. There is nothing aftermarket for it yet. From lights to hi-lift mounts, very very few products exist that works with this hood. Just so you know...
  17. What would you change on the 392??

    You took almost everything I wanted to write after reading 5 pages of this! I will also say that living in LA it's the G Wagon for status. I actually heard from Mercedes that they were going to shut down that factory and it was Los Angeles that keep the plant workers there every day. As a 392...
  18. TFL: Bronco vs JL and JK on hardcore trail

    Someone on here described it best for me, so I'm stealing it now: The Bronco is an on-road car that can go off-road, the Jeep is an off-road vehicle that also drives on-road. I do NOT get this whole one wheel in the air thing, it makes me very comfortable. If you have to do that to get...
  19. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    I love the design actually and would own one if I could. However I have driven one and they truly are not fun, very heavy and slow. Even if it is some rich guy, maybe they need protection. I can’t fault him for keeping himself or family safe. I have always wondered if you get in accident and...
  20. I would have never thought this even 10 years ago.

    I had the exact same scenario go through my mind. I love the new Vette and would get one if I didn't have two younger kids. I also love my 392, but fully built plus ADM, plus shipping (saved me $15K on ADM), plus tax and I'm over $100K on a Jeep. That's a weird thing to say and I won't even...