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  1. ‘22 Colors?

    Not close at all in my opinion. A member on the JT side bought touch up spray can based on the High Velocity paint code and did some color test swatches and it compares more towards Ford and GM yellows than Hella Yella...
  2. Jeep Wrangler 392 engine failure after 25 miles - Update 01/15/22

    Sorry to hear but that is why there is a warranty. All this talk by some of asking for this or that like you won some lottery is nonsense. There is no warranty for the warranty to be entitled to anything other than their obligation to fix it. Hopefully it works out to some agreeable...
  3. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Fire

    Yeah, kind of figured it would be that. I have yet to see a car company step up and cover a vehicle fire when all things point to a manufacturing defect for cause. In theory, it should be a warranty coverage but they have you by the balls and push back to force you to either litigate it or in...
  4. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Fire

    So is Jeep stepping up to cover this or they making you take it to your insurance?
  5. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Fire

    I have never seen Jeep or any other manufacturer step up and cover a vehicle fire as a warranty issue and reimburse or replace. Always has been the owner having to file a claim against insurance.
  6. Oil Catch Can and Blow-by

    I am all ears, what is the science behind that?
  7. First oil change when? Does factory use synthetic oil?

    Having now owned 4 different vehicles with the 3.6L and doing the initial factory fill oil analysis on all of them, I am of the speculative deduction they use bulk oil derived from the Pennzoil Gold 0W-20 grade which is the bare minimum MS-6395 spec oil Pennzoil makes in that grade and is a...
  8. Oil Catch Can and Blow-by

    I run the Mishimoto catch can and think it is worth the extra coin for the quality and ability to do a remote drain without having to remove the can. In a 5K mile OCI, I maybe drain 6-8oz at most.
  9. Mopar Calibration for 35s (was I ripped off?)

    That is OK, I do not seek your validation.
  10. Mopar Calibration for 35s (was I ripped off?)

    In my opinion, the best advice you have gotten is to contest the charge with your credit card company if you paid by that means . It puts them on notice that they will have to justify the charge to the credit card issuer with a valid reason and explain themselves more thoroughly if the charge is...
  11. Mopar Calibration for 35s (was I ripped off?)

    The dealership just will call the local LE and have a trespass warrant issued to remove the customer. Local LE will enforce the trespass removal and the customer problem will be a civil court matter they will not get involved in.
  12. TeraFlex Drives 2021 Bronco and prefers Jeep

    TFL did there MPG loop testing on a 392 Wrangler and got a 18.8 MPG Highway run with it. At the 10:40 mark in the video below.
  13. TeraFlex Drives 2021 Bronco and prefers Jeep

    It is the difference between the pulse width modulation controlling the LED light and the frame rate of the camera recording. Very rarely are they at the same rate and you will get the flicker. A similar example is video of rotorcraft or prop driven aircraft running and the blades look like...
  14. Just a quick vent. I need to vent.

    Charts only mean something when one understands them. On the 1K point scale they show, the spread between Chevy and Jeep is only 3.6% on one and 4.2% on the other. Even if corrected to factor in margins of error, single digit spreads are basically a flip of the coin.
  15. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    3 miles seems to be the norm for about the lowest one will see delivered. I have heard someone claim a JT was delivered with 2 miles but no pics.
  16. Dealer playing with finance terms

    What is your credit score? Sounds like a combination of subprime lending and normal military town dealership shenanigans. Like someone else mentioned, talk to your local JAG or military legal aid office. In many installations, they get enough complaints logged against a certain off base...
  17. Type of oil from factory?

    Path of least resistance is to follow the owners manual recommendations for change interval, weight and spec. Anything else is conjecture that is not going to have anybody here standing next to you with help paying your legal fees arguing about the difference between "recommend" and "required".
  18. Type of oil from factory?

    Short of finding someone working at the factory taking a picture of the bulk oil tank fill delivery invoice, you are not going to get a definitive answer. Best guess has already been mentioned in that in all likelihood, it is going to be a Pennzoil/Shell product and the cheapest one the meets...
  19. Wave at Gladiators?

    Never understood the perplexation this subject brings no matter the variation. Just do whatever you fell like doing and do not get miffed if you do not receive in kind. Nobody is going to write on your gravestone where you were on the subject.
  20. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    I am pretty sure case law has been settled in the past that FCA or any other manufacturer offering after the sale accessory and/or performance parts is not obligated to honor the base vehicle warranty for offering such parts. With few exceptions and usually if the MOPAR part was installed prior...