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  1. New Jersey Mishimoto JL 2.0 Baffled Catch Can

    Never used, bought from another member on here Located in Warren county, NJ $150 picked up, $200 shipped willing to meet within distance
  2. Pennsylvania SOLD: Rubicon takeoff suspension

    How much for whole kit?
  3. Virginia SOLD

    Are you interested in trades for other hard tops?
  4. Arizona 2019 JLU Rubicon Take off suspension

    Interested in purchasing, DM me
  5. Arizona 2019 JLU Rubicon Take off suspension

    Would this fit a 2.0 JL or only 3.6?
  6. New York Rubicon suspension

    Check Pm, I’m interested in purchasing
  7. New York Rubicon suspension

    How much lift does this give?
  8. New Jersey **Sold** Mishimoto JL 2.0T Baffled Catch Can

    If this is still available I’ll be interested in purchasing
  9. WTB Sting Grey Hard top & Fenders

    Looking for a set of sting grey fenders and hard top near New Jersey.
  10. New York Fox 2.0 Performance IFP Shocks 2"-3" Lift

    negotiable for local pickup?
  11. Lift Advice

    Hi everyone, just got my first Jeep and wanted to get some advice on a lift. Got a 2019 JL Sport S and plan on throwing on some 33’s but don’t know what size lift is best. I don’t plan on taking the Jeep off roading much and it’s used as a daily driver on the highway mostly. What are some lifts...