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  1. Maryland Sold: WTB JLU White Hardtop or WTT premium softtop or black hardtop + Cash for a White hardtop

    WTB JLU White Hardtop or WTT premium tinted soft top +cash or black hardtop +cash for White hardtop
  2. Soft Top rattles

    does yours vibrate only when windows down or vibrates whenever in use? any pics @Punknhed ?? TIA
  3. New York WTT: Grey Rubi dash for Red dash

    where did you purchase the red dash ? TIA
  4. Options for carrying 7 or 8 ft Fishing Rods ???

    I cant find them for some reason, maybe i need to search more lol Yeah i just need to carry 2 or 3 rods only. Is that installed with just two zip-ties?
  5. Options for carrying 7 or 8 ft Fishing Rods ???

    Very clean and nice. Where did you get this? TIA
  6. Mopar LCA swap

    is 6.3 caster good enough or little more is better?
  7. Mopar LCA swap

    just made an order with the link above. 10% discount worked well too. Ill try the LCA first and add steering stabilizer if needed. Thanks again @RickAZ and everyone else on this forum!
  8. New York Teraflex Alpine Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms

    What were the reasons that you went back to the stock LCAs?
  9. Rubicon Suspension + Spacer Question

    no problem! whats the upgrade on steering box for? I have those springs and shocks with teraflex 1.5 spacers W/ 35s and i love the stance!
  10. Mopar LCA swap

    Which one was yours? Teraflex (non-adjustable) LCA or from Mopar? Yeah Mopar LCAs are .25" longer than stock and Teraflex non-adjustable are I believe .625" longer.
  11. Rubicon Suspension + Spacer Question

    its the same one. 68253661AC (Front Left) and 68253662AC (Front Right). Rear is 68253591AA / 2AA.
  12. Mopar LCA swap

    Whats the length of these non-adjustable ones? Would love to try it and see how it rides. If its the same one I found online its 24-5/8” (please correct me if Im wrong), its .25" longer than @rickinAZ set up. @rickinAZ , would this work with our set up? What was your caster angle with 24 3/8" ?
  13. Mopar LCA swap

    Hello rickinAZ Thanks for your reply! Which adjustable LCA did you end up getting? And the steering stabilizer ? Thanks!
  14. Rubicon Suspension + Spacer Question

    Hello pitsqrd. Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate your info. Very helpful! Any recommendation on brands for adjustable LCA? I was putting my eyes on the teraflex one but im open to any good priced durable that does its job ones. Thank again!
  15. Mopar LCA swap

    I recently installed rubi shocks and springs on JLU sport s with teraflex 2"front/1.5"rear spacer lift. especially on highway, it feels like its very windy outside and wind is pushing my car. Would a Mopar LCA work for me or i should just get a adjustable LCA? TIA!
  16. Rubicon Suspension + Spacer Question

    How are the Mopar LCAs? I just installed rubi suspension (came off of 4 door, hardtop, metal bumpers, towing pkg) and teraflex 2 front/1.5 rear spacer lift on my 4 door sport s. On highway, it feels like its very windy outside when driving.
  17. JL Rubicon Halogen Fog to JL Rubicon LED Fog

    Were you able to install it on your bumper no problem?
  18. Rubi Steel Bumper LED vs Sahara LED? Bracket needed?

    will the sport s halogen fogs fit on steel bumper? need any adapters ? TIA
  19. Difference in fog light mounting brackets

    Sport S Halogen Fogs on Steel bumper? Need a bracket for this? If so, which one? TIA