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  1. The worst engine choice. The 392.

    So your saying the 392 is an impractical choice of engine for what really is an impractical vehicle if you really think about it...:LOL:
  2. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    ....Cause everyone knows electricity is free and comes from unicorn milk and out of the ethers in the air...:headbang:
  3. Surfing - what to do with key

    Remove the battery and hide the key on the car. You can also make a copy of the physical key and after removing the battery lock the key in the glovebox and take the copy with you surfing safely secured.
  4. Engine Check Light - Now also Stop/Start System Warning Light

    Earlier in the post someone mentioned their problem was an oil leak from the valve cover leaking on the O2 sensor causing it to fail. According to dealer that is exactly what was happening to mine. Thanks for posting that. Hopefully the parts will not be too backordered and I will get the Jeep...
  5. Dealers...Warranty Work...and Loaner Vehicles

    When I got my JLUR, my dealer sold me on the fact they provided loaners when your car had to be serviced. I've had my JLUR for over 3 years now and even have the Mopar / Jeep Extended Warranty that takes the warranty to 5 year 60k miles. I also continue to have Jeep Wave for what it's worth. The...
  6. Engine Check Light - Now also Stop/Start System Warning Light

    Reviving an old post... At 3 years ownership and 37k miles I just got the same exact symptoms you all are experiencing. Luckily I sprung for the Mopar/Jeep Extended Warranty so I at least have that going for me. My symptoms are slightly different but the dealer read the codes today and they...
  7. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    I received this email today from Uconnect about updating the map in my Jeep for $99. I'm still under warranty and I have the Jeep Extended Warranty and I pay for all the Uconnect, Sirius XM, and Jeep Wave memberships. I'm not understanding why I'm now being asked to pay for a map update. Anyone...
  8. WiFi Hotspot stopped working

    Same issue here...Wi-Fi Hotspot not broadcasting the SSID. I've trouble shot with JeepCares via phone and with AT&T...both say it is the other's problem. Not sure where to go now...I keep paying my AT&T vehicle account bill...
  9. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    Sorry to hear about your issues... I think I saw this was aftermarket? I've had an '18 JLUR with 35s for over 2 years and 27k miles. Regularly drive I-40 at 90 plus following traffic down to the coast. I've never had an issue except dead battery and rear defrost connector falling off. I'm bad...
  10. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    On my 6th or 7th Jeep. Never seen what the OP is talking about. You have snobs in all groups. Surround yourself with better people...ignore the rest...
  11. JL Bikini Tops?

    Yeah...yeah...well, when you sell the house and buy a downtown condo and only have 2 assigned parking spots now taking the top off becomes a little more challenging...
  12. JL Bikini Tops?

    SpiderWebShade JL4D Whew...just finished installing the SpiderWebShade JL4D (JL 4Door) on my Rubicon. Let me say right up front...You do NOT have to remove the wipers and fold the windshield down. You also do not have to remove the hard top. Otherwise this is a two person install. You will need...
  13. Show us your Bikes

    That is my next bike...KTM XCF-500.
  14. Can dealer refuse to work on Jeep because I didn’t buy there?

    I moved out to Chatham County in North Carolina a few years back. I had just purchased a new Ford F-250 Diesel and was in in need of warranty work. I had the truck towed to Welford Harris Ford in Siler City for service. They told me since I didn't buy the truck there, they would not service it...
  15. Aftermarket LEDs quit working

    Thanks. When I checked with both Tazer and SuperChips last they did not have an option for headlights. They only had options for fog and running lights. Are you sure you have an option for LED headlights to be turned on and not just running or fog?
  16. Aftermarket LEDs quit working

    My JLUR came with non LED headlights. I had LEDs installed and they worked for a while. Now they come on and flicker and then go off. I've taken it back to the shop that did them. It is a high end audio and aftermarket company that deals in many exotics and they appear to be pretty...
  17. ESS: The Heart of the Matter

    The problem is after the warranty, it is no longer FCA's's mine. They don't build parts to last forever. It is common sense that if you keep starting and stopping a motor there is more wear on parts. There used to be wording to that effect in Owner Manuals..."avoid driving the car...
  18. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    Yeah, I know. However, they could make the button so the ESS stays off and doesn't reset when the vehicle is stopped and started.
  19. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    I would like it more if it were an option you could activate with the button push vs having it forced on me.