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  1. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    After the software update for the recall, I assume that the dealer resets the tire size and gear ratio, as that is part of the magic 'formula'? Curious if they provided an 'options report' with proof of those settings, or if it was just assumed to be input correctly, and then checked with a Tazer.
  2. Stolen 2020 JLUD

    Sadly it would take them 10 seconds to hacksaw thru the steering wheel and slide this off.
  3. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    You used relocation brackets on both passenger and driver side correct? These links are going to put my sway bar at a pretty steep angle (Have yet to install them). Maybe it doesn’t mater?
  4. Fire result of transmission failure

    I see the incident happened in 2019, and they took possession in 2019, but not that it was a 2019 model. Waiting anxiously for the cause to be determined. I would throw a Centerforce in tomorrow if I thought it would prevent this from happening (and it would be a good excuse).
  5. North Carolina Sold: Rubicon Brakes (Front and Rear)

    I installed the Big brake kit on my Sport. Probably not worth the $800 I bought the kit for, but for $400, this is a great upgrade for Sport/Sahara. They do make a noticeable difference with '35's. Buyer will need new front brake hoses - about $40 each - still a great price for a great upgrade...
  6. Sport Axle Swap

    Any notes, pictures, images, thoughts or tips you can provide after the install would be greatly appreciated. I am about 60 days behind you in a pr44 install, and definitely still learning.
  7. It's just a sport

    Would be a great excuse to throw a PR44 up there. Jeep looks great!
  8. I Moved to Colorado

    Black Steer - Steak sandwich. Trust me.
  9. Headlight Revolution Shipping

    lol, so I sent an email to HR telling them they sent me 1 wrong bulb (a 9004) and waited 2 days for a reply, then sent in a return request and waited 3 days. Return request was answered with 'send us the wrong bulb', which i did that day. 2 days later a request was sent for me to 'send a picture...
  10. California Sport Brake Set

    Caliper brackets included. The big brake kit does include different brackets. And yes, installed a big brake kit. Yeah, there is a big difference. $900 worth - probably not. Granted, the right front brake line was stripped from the factory, so 6 hours with a file kit and tap set to get the...
  11. California Sport Brake Set

    Brake set off JL Sport. 2 Front Rotors 2 Rear Rotors 2 Front Calipers (with brake pads) 2 Rear Calipers (with brake pads) 2 Front Brake Lines Taken off at 1,602 miles. $450 Wont part out.
  12. Washington Supernova V.4 Led headlights and fogs

    Did these sell? I actually just want the fogs
  13. Headlight Revolution Shipping

    Ordered mine on 11/27. The Good news, I received them today - bad news is they sent me one 2504 and one 9004... Not sure what I can do with this one, other than return and wait.
  14. HD Brake Kit Upgrade

    Hi Everyone, I have read other threads about upgrading the Brake kit / just upgrading the brake pads... and think I want to try to upgrade to the entire kit myself. I understand this kit is standard on...
  15. Steve's Blue Rubi Build

    Build looks Great! I am going with those headlights at some point - they seem to be the choice of many. Still holding out for AEV rear bumper with tire carrier, new ETA is January 2020 (allegedly).
  16. Considering selling my addiction...driving more for new job

    Ug – wow.. this kind of bums me out. I have followed your build since I stumbled upon it on this forum. All the sh*t you have done to that rig, and all the networking you have done on this forum to build it. And no doubt, its a bad ass build. Motivating for sure... I know its easier said than...
  17. Doors and top off 100% of the time in Los Angeles CA?

    Just my opinion, but Inglewood sucks. It is not nice. I would not spend any amount of time there WITH doors. The Campus may be on lock down though, not sure. Nor would I park doorless in downtown - your basically screaming "Look at me!" - which would be silly in that area. Would you drive...
  18. Doors and top off 100% of the time in Los Angeles CA?

    I run doors off 90% of the time, but I always park where I can see it during the day and its garaged at night. As others have said, its not the weather, but the 'California Clientele' that is going to be the issue. Really is going to depend on what area you live and what areas you drive to/park...
  19. JLU sport S on 35s regear to 4.56 or 4.88?

    I have the same set up, sport/manual/2" lift/35's. Im running 4.56 gears, and am perfectly happy with it. I would hardly call the 4.56 a waste of time, but to each their own. That being said, I think most of these hardcore cats like @chevymitchell are running 4.88's or 5.13's