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  1. Good Oklahoma City area Lift installers?

    Considering a mild lift; any clear cut Best of Best Installers in the OKC area? 4WD Parts? Off Road Addiction? Dealer? Others? Thanks in advance for opinion and input.
  2. Insane Used Jeep pricing.

    The current market got me back into a Rubicon. Bought a 2020 Lexus GX 460 Premium with 600 miles on it for $50,200 June of 20. Fast forward 11 months and 16,000 miles later and Jeep dealer in Tulsa gave me $52,000 for my Lexus and $2700 off MSRP on my 21 Unlimited Rubicon. Not the biggest...
  3. Gorilla Glass as good as we hope?

    I have no input on Gorilla Glass but for $95 would definitely be a no brainer. With regards to JL OEM sucks. Less than 3 weeks old and no more than 600 miles on the clock of my 2021 I caught a pebble out of nowhere. Wasn't behind or beside anyone for a good distance on an...
  4. Oklahoma Sold: 5 2021 Rubicon Take off Wheels - Wheels only $300 - NW OKC Pickup Only

    5 2021 Rubicon Take off wheels, wheels only. NW OKC pick up - $400
  5. Oklahoma Sold: 2018 2-Dr Rubicon FLASH SALE! $36,500

    Trading in my 2018 JL Rubicon - Going with an F150 to better suit my needs. Dealer has offered $35,000 on trade. I will take $36,500 but must close on Tuesday October 1st here in Oklahoma City as that's when I take delivery and hand over the keys. Specs: 2018, 2Dr, Black, Color matched top...
  6. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    I'll let whoever is behind me wonder if I carry or not or which way I lean on the issue. :flag:
  7. So... how do you hang your fire extinguisher???

    Mine are just strapped around the roll bar while resting on the little notch plastic cover. I did put some loop portion of velcro on the bottom that sits on the plastic. No rattle or movement at all and quick detach.
  8. Broken Windshield Survey

    18 Rubicon - Standard sound system - 7500 miles. Semi threw a rock and cracked about 9 inches so far within an hour.
  9. YouTube Sellouts

    I didn't read all of the posts but I haven't even seen an ad on Youtube in years and that is watching a ton of vids every day. I use on my chrome and it blocks all of them, everywhere and it's free. I don't even see ads on this forum. I don't work for them, just...
  10. Rubi FINALLY Arrived after 110 Days!

    Congrats and welcome to the Jeep Family!
  11. JL - 2 door diecast models (toys) now on eBAY

    Does the Tread Lightly discount work on these? Who has the most off of Invoice and lowest doc fee? Too bad no Black, and yellow is the only color left. Cool trinket, thanks for sharing.
  12. Occasional Smoke at Start Up???

    Mine will occasionally puff out some bluish as well on remote start. 3.6 with 5200 miles and not driven hard at all. Kinda like old chevy's used to do on start up. But I also remember some of my JK's doing it as well. So I'm not overly concerned about it personally until next time I take it...
  13. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    My third set of MB Old School wheels in chrome on a 2dr. Went black first on this one but was too much for me. Ordered these and sold the others after 45 days. 17X8 - 0 offset. Perfect for my use. Added my 2010 Sahara and my 2014 Billet from the archives that had chrome as well. Yeah, I...
  14. In light of recent events, who is running dash/rear Cameras?

    I run the same camera and hardwired in as well. I record front and interior with sound 24/7. 256 GB Micro SD card. Love it. Sans the fingerprint on the monitor screen.
  15. SOLD - Jeep Trail Rated Kit For Sale

    JeepJL - My apologies just getting back to you. I have been away from the forum. Sorry, this has been sold. Thank you for reaching out though! Happy Jeeping!