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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I think the OP had an aftermarket bumper with holes he didn't need.
  2. JL Cargo Area Lighting Upgrade

    This is my depinning tool.
  3. JL Cargo Area Lighting Upgrade

    Wow, this is brilliant. I should have not put a separate switch. I should have just done what you are wanting to do. I'm not completely confident with this, but I bet there is a sperate wire just illumination that can simply be snipped on the switches.
  4. Larger Rear Storage Cubby

    I know that this thread hasn't seen some action for a while, but I'm jumping on incase anything becomes of it. I would definitely be interested.
  5. What do you store in your JL rear under floor cargo bin?

    I would love to see either a plastic or aluminum option.
  6. What do you store in your JL rear under floor cargo bin?

    Isn't it just a bolt in plastic tub? My Borla exhaust melted a corner of the bin (photo), so I don't think there is any metal below the bottom other than some heat shielding. Maybe if the tub was removed, it could be used as a template to make a new one out of metal that is deeper...
  7. What do you store in your JL rear under floor cargo bin?

    Has anyone tried to make the area larger? With an aftermarket exhaust, there is a large void under the storage compartment. It would be cool to make it a bit deeper.
  8. Sunrider for Freedom top, give me the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I think the last few posts answer my questions, but just to confirm, I'm planning a trip to the snow, and was thinking of going back to the freedom panels, mainly for more insulation. To be honest, I vaguely remember installing the Sunrider. I remember it not being hard, but maybe there was...
  9. Borla Climber Touring notes

    Not questioning their quality, I'm questioning their customer service. I did send them photos of how I installed it and they said it was done correctly. I had no fitment issues. They had the chance to have a customer say nice things about them, but chose not to. I wasn't asking for anything...
  10. Borla Climber Touring notes

    I have that same exhaust and it melted my rear storage compartment. I contacted Borla and let them know. They said the had a JL onsite and sent it to their engineers who confirmed that they "could see how that could happen". They told me that they were going to send me a heat shield of some...
  11. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    Got the shocks on Friday and I installed them on Saturday. I was only expecting it to ride a little better than the old shocks, but was amazed by how much better it rode. I was bombing my windy, bumpy country road like it was a trophy truck. I haven't even had time to mess with the...
  12. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    Well, I did what I was told and called Accutune, they had Foxes in stock and ready to be tuned. I think I got the same ones that Roky got (adjustable Fox 2.5). In the little bit of time I had to research this, Accutune's name popped up several times. Thanks again for the advice.
  13. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    I might, or I could just buy one for $250. Normally, that is what I would do, but last year I blew the seals on 3 of 4 kings on my Ram 2500 and I had them re-sealed and it happened again, so I put some foxes on that and have had no issues. I can't figure out how I keep blowing shock seals, I...
  14. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    Any particular ones?
  15. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    I have the 2.5" Adventure System (stage 1) with the 2.25 RRD shocks and when I was driving home last night on a winding country road, I could tell something was right. This morning I checked around the Jeep and found one of my shocks (front passenger) had leaked a bunch of oil (the other 3 are...
  16. New 35” Atturo Trailblade XT on Method Wheels set up

    Yeah, no wear issues at all, and I haven't rotated them. I would think they would be better in the mud than an A/T tire, but they are more of a hybrid than a mud tire. If you do lot of mud, you might want to look to a mud tire. I really haven't tried them in the mud yet.
  17. New 35” Atturo Trailblade XT on Method Wheels set up

    Still no complaints, but still only about 10,000 miles and pretty much no off-road yet (2005 LJR, has been getting all the limited off-road action). They hum a bit, but I drive them hard in the twisty rural roads and they do fine. I have no reason not to recommend. Unfortunately, I haven't...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I bought one for both sides, and I assumed that I mounted them correctly, but after seeing the other post has me wondering. I just looked at the Gibson website, and I am the one who doesn't know how to follow instructions. Not sure if I'm going to change it or not since it seems to work fine...
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did you install it backwards, or did I?
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    You might want to place some heat shielding on below the storage compartment. My Borla on my 3.6 melted it a little (See Pic). Borla said that they were going to send me some shielding material back in August. Nothing from them yet, and I assume I won't hear from them again since I have...