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  1. Stalled and engine light come on

    Why does this happen........ Just left the Jeep and tried to restart it and it’s obviously rebooted the ecu and everything has cleared Sorry to bother you guys...... Looks like it’s all ok Doh!
  2. Stalled and engine light come on

    hi Guys My 2018 wrangler jl automatic stalled on the way home from work. There was some sort of message about the stop start requiring restarting or something. It eventually started but the engine light is now on and the stop start doesn’t work The dealers service dept is shut til tomorrow...
  3. Rubber Floor Mats Uk

    They say they can get them but the price is very high. Wondered if there were decent alternatives
  4. Rubber Floor Mats Uk

    Hi All New here so hi to everyone Just got a 4 door Wrangler JL Sahara and would like to know if anyone has found some decent rubber floor mats for the JL in the UK. There seems to be plenty of choice stateside but not so much here. Any feedback would be much appreciated Cheers