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  1. Willys XR vs Rubi XR

    Did they change this for 22?? Oh well I am probably spending too much money then :whew:
  2. Willys XR vs Rubi XR

    No proximity entry on willys. So I got the rubicon. :CWL:
  3. Tomorrow is DEC 6

    Jeep chat said production started FWIW 🤷‍♂️
  4. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    Perhaps trading in early is out of the norm for them. Or they are just very busy and missed it. Daniel Gupton told me that they would be happy to make me an offer on my trade but preferred to wait until closer to delivery. I figure if he makes me a good offer I'm driving up, but if not I'll...
  5. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Ordering & Production Start Dates Released

    Wow incredible. I remember the wait for my C8 was excruciating, they built like 30 per day.
  6. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Ordering & Production Start Dates Released

    Is 12/6 still the start date for 2022 production? Do we know how many per day they typically build?
  7. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    Placed an order with him last wednesday and got my vin from him yesterday. All email.
  8. Advanced safety package without safety package

    It seems like it's always been required but the 2022 order guide is ambiguous. I just placed an order with the dealer and only asked for ALP but my build sheet has AJ1 also. I didn't specifically ask but assumed it's necessary. It is a $900 option so it might be worth pressing the issue if...
  9. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    Just gave Daniel Gupton my deposit. Same 5% off invoice or 6% with dealer finance deal described above. Super straight forward so far. Thanks everyone for all of the intel!!
  10. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Moab Edition - Official Specs and Pricing!

    Looks nice, aggressive Rubi look, but with full-time 4wd and without having to get the 4.10 ratio. Almost all of those features would be options I would tick anyway.
  11. Gorilla Glass Coming to JL Wrangler via Mopar

    This. Almost every application of gorilla glass I've seen is not to add strength but simply to allow for thinner and lighter glass. The GG is usually only just as-strong-as the thicker glass it replaced. Who cares about saving a few pounds of glass on a Jeep.
  12. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    Why don't you go buy a new $50,000 jeep, pay the extra $495 for proximity entry, and then see how it feels to have to pull on the handle for six seconds for your jeep to decide to let you in. Mock that all you want, but people here are paying good money for what is supposed to be a good...
  13. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    That is really disappointing. Particularly for a $495 option, which IMO should come standard on a $50,000 vehicle like this anyway. For what it's worth, my 2011 Lexus is flawless, instant unlock on the first touch of the handle. The only time it hesitates is if for some reason I lock the car...
  14. Pulling the trigger today.... Sahara vs Rubi

    IMO gotta go Rubi. Sahara is a nice vehicle but it doesn't have the look. Would be nice to have selectrac and the 3.45 axle but the sacrifice is worth it. If I could get one, it would be a Rubicon with selectrac. Otherwise, I'd probably never put the Rubicon in 4WD.
  15. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Sahara First Real Window Sticker (with Options Pricing/MSRP)

    Cobbling together various reported option prices, and estimating $2k on the body color top, puts me at $50,465. :surprised: Before dealer discount and sales tax of course. I'm hoping after the initial demand dies down I'll be able to negotiate to something like $45,000 plus tax. Still a lot...
  16. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Sahara First Real Window Sticker (with Options Pricing/MSRP)

    $1295 for infotainment doesn't sound terrible since you get alpine, big screen, HD radio, mirror, nav. Could probably live without the nav and the Sirius XM service though. A full $2k for the automatic is pretty rough though. :puke: Ugh. Basically a Rubicon has a starting price of $44k. I...
  17. No Collision warning system?

    Hate to break it to you, but most Wranglers are mall-crawlers already. ;) :cwl:
  18. No Collision warning system?

    Seems like this should have made it to the JL, or at least the top trims. Hopefully this will be a standard feature in the next few model years.
  19. Why 1 Gallon Less Tank Capacity???

    Yeah this was a pretty big bummer. For a serious offroad vehicle it would seem like the tank would only get bigger, not smaller.
  20. Moab, Overland and 3.0L diesel decals/badges found

    Let me know when you spot an "AFRICA" trim badge. :rock: