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  1. Awkward Conversation with Neighbors

    I used to have neighbors tell me that my Hemi Ram with the long tube headers and loud exhaust was bad at 5 AM, 8AM? tell her at least your not on midnights, LOL
  2. Airbags with Teraflex levelling kit?

    ^^ I would respectfully disagree with you on the leak possibilities. I've run AirLift bags in 3 coil sprung trucks/jeeps and have had zero issues over the years. the bags are quite durable and hold up over time very well. As for changing in heavier springs when the load is going to be put on...
  3. Has anyone replaced spark plugs yet?

    I'm at 71K and I thought I had read that they call for replacement at 60K. Any Suggestions? I know the stock ones are supposed to be Iridium-tipped units. TIA
  4. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Picayune Strand State forest, FL
  5. Asfir skid plates

    I have the same one for my 2.0 Overall I am very happy with it, it's protected me from some highway debris a few times. I remove it for an oil change since there's no way in hell that I could change the oil and filter without making a huge mess, but that's just my refined skillset, haha.
  6. Florida Roll Call!

    Christmas Eve trip into the Picayune
  7. Name That Part!

    My vote is for #16, it's labeled as the load floor carpet includes the pull strap. The picture kinda sucks, IMHO, I read down thru the parts and 16 sounds like what you've damaged. -\_(°_0)_/-
  8. Watch This Bronco Blow Out Its 4WD System Attempting to Speed Through a Mud Pit

    I really don't see this as a specifically Bronco fail, the guy got cocky and as we used to say at the firehouse," He stepped on his Dick". we've all got overconfident, it's one of those reminders that physics lessons often happen unexpectedly.
  9. Daily Driver ? Off-road mainly ? How many miles on your Odometer?

    I bought mine used with 16K on it almost 2 years ago. Daily driven, 71K on it today. No problems, I've lifted it and added air bags to carry the load mostly moving then college kid back and forth. Regular oil changes, on windshield #2, still makes me smile every time I drive it.
  10. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    mine is my daily driver, so at almost 71K on it, and the 'winter' here in SWFL, it's topless time. So getting longing looks from $500K Lotus owners makes me happy.
  11. Quick release bolts for hard top?

    I'll chime in with my support for a battery-powered tool. Even a cheap harbor freight one will work wonders. I take my hard top off a lot in the early summer, since I can steal 2-3 days before it rains cat and dogs. Using a pair of ratchet straps and a battery-powered tool, I can remove the top...
  12. Teraflex 2.5 lift??

    I have the TeraFlex 2 1/2" also, I love it. I had the TF on my JK too, absolutely swear by it.
  13. Rampage Trailview fastback soft top install and initial impressions

    Some more info, the instructions show the windshield brackets install alone but they go over the stock brackets. They're offset the instructions show different but they go like this : Another tip during installation, the door surrounds are held on bt threaded pieces but they seem very hard to...
  14. South Florida: Big Cypress National Preserve ?

    I've done a fair bit of off-roading around there. Rainy season until about November, there is a LOT of water, they keep trails closed when they are wet. The sugar sand will terrorize any seal that is underwater- axles, rear mains in the engine, etc. It's lots of fun, some feature a lot of...
  15. Rampage Trailview fastback soft top install and initial impressions

    Ok, since I pulled the trigger on the Quadratec sale and got it and had found little reviews before, I thought I would share my pics and impressions. So- step 1- unbox ( I did it inside since it's SWFL and hot out) this is why ( it's apparent later ): Lay it all out: Put the windows in the...
  16. Rampage TrailView Fastback Soft Top feedback?

    I will post up when I get it put on, and this is the start of soft-top weather for me, so I'll be able to see how it performs right away!
  17. Anyone with experience with a SunTop?

    Q-tec price: Rampage 139435
  18. Anyone with experience with a SunTop?

    Disregard, the Quadratec sale pushed me to buy that one.
  19. Rampage TrailView Fastback Soft Top feedback?

    ^^^^ me too, I had it on my wishlist, but when I looked yesterday the price drop made me buy it! I hope I am not disappointed.