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  1. Well crap, Warn 9.5TI won’t fit stock bumper with Warn plate

    Appreciate the feedback. I have tried to order the poison winch spacers now from several suppliers and they all appear to be back ordered with delayed shipping until late November. Looked at the rugged ridge as an option with same issue. Amazon has them for $28.99 but still mid nov for...
  2. Well crap, Warn 9.5TI won’t fit stock bumper with Warn plate

    i am planning to install the badlands apex and warn winch plate on my 2018 wrangler JLU this weekend. I have the mopar steel front bumper. In your opinion will I need the spacers for the installation to work? Been researching this for some time and this is the first I have read about someone...
  3. Kentucky F.S Mopar led fog lights

    Are these still available? If so, where are you located in KY?
  4. Adding a Hardtop to my Saraha... What do I do for the Rear Wiper??? will only need the brackets and associated bolts to install the hardtop and freedom panels. The wiring harness is only needed if you want to hook up the rear defroster and wiper with fluid. I ran this way for about a year. Ended up having my local jeep dealer install the hardtop...
  5. Rubicon suspension on a JL sport

    Pictures of my 2018 JLU Sport are below from before/after installation of new takeoff rubicon shocks/springs (with appr 10 miles - paid $150 on CL) and the Mopar 2"lift lower control arms yesterday. First pic was with original sport wheels for comparison. Gained about 1.75" in back and 2" in...
  6. What do you use to take your Jeep hard top off

    We also recently installed the Harken hoist system for our hardtop. Straight forward installation that took about 2 hours for my son and I to rig. Pleased with how flush the top is with the ceiling of our 3rd bay garage. As we plan to leave the hard top off til winter will run additional straps...
  7. Buying hardtop what to remove from donor

    Most likely you will have to remove the two brackets and bolts above the mirror and the two brackets and bolts above the speaker bar from the donor vehicle. These brackets did not come equipped on my “soft top only” optioned 2018 JLU. I understand they would be included on “dual top” JLs from...
  8. It has been confirmed I have a rear main seal leak! Unreal!

    Were you able to get your rear main seal repaired? Appears that I have the same issue with oil leaking from the two ports at the base of the bell housing. The dealer put dye in the engine oil today to try and track where the oil is leaking from via blacklight. Any idea on how long the repair...
  9. WTB Black Hardtop for JLU

    Yes it did
  10. WTB Black Hardtop for JLU

    Already purchased one. Thank you.
  11. K&N Filter For Sale

    Sent you a PM
  12. Folding up Soft-top and storage

    I too am looking for any guidance on the best way to store the soft top. Was thinking I could use some ladder storage hooks from Lowe’s or similar to hang on the wall in the garage but want to make sure I do not cause any damage to the top. Plan to hang the windows via clamps on the wall as...
  13. Wrangler JLU Hard Top Question

    Unfortunately not. That will be a future project.
  14. Wrangler JLU Hard Top Question

    In this case top came off a 2019 Jeep with dual tops and new owner only wanted soft top. They gave the new owner credit for his purchase. They then sell the top independently. They were able to update my vin to now show as dual top per the folks at the parts desk. They have a new set of rubicon...
  15. Wrangler JLU Hard Top Question

    Picked up my top today. Installation went smooth due to help and insight from several forum members. Bonus for me was top included factory insulation already installed, freedom top bag, and all necessary hardware. Go see Dutch Miller Jeep for great customer service and new takeoff parts.
  16. Bantam and Jeep

    Working near Butler, PA this week. Co-worker mentioned this historical marker was just down the road. Stopped to take a picture and thought I would share. Enjoy! David
  17. Hardtop VS premium soft top

    We have a Wrangler JLU Sport with premium soft top. So far been impressed with the low noise levels and how easy it is to take down or remove. I have sourced a hard top at a dealer that I am looking to buy. I have most of my questions and concerns answered but one I had not considered was if...