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  1. JL heated steering wheel install help.

    there was no connection in the wiring harness for the heated steering wheel to connect to.
  2. JL heated steering wheel install help.

    Unfortunately I could not make it work. Installed everything thing, however, there was no where to connect everything. I did not have the correct wiring harness in my Jeep. I thew in the towel and Ordered a Jeep with the same package + the cold weather package as well as a Diesel engine...
  3. JL heated steering wheel install help.

    I have a 2020 Rubicon will all options including sky one touch top led lighting package adaptive cruse blind spot and steel bumper leather Seats But no cold weather package. I purchased a heated steering wheel and heated seat pads wiring harness for steering wheel and modules for both the...
  4. Heated Seat Module Location...

    Does anyone know where the location of the heated seat heated steering wheel module is located for a 2020 Rubicon? My Rubicon has EVERYTHING except heated seats and steering wheel. Many say it can’t be added, however, I’m not accepting no for an answer. Help me make this happen.