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  1. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    Been driving around for a couple of weeks with both and I still absolutely LOVE them. Best mod yet!
  2. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Hi @XTrooper xtrooper, I’m having steering issues in new 2019 JLUR Manual - specifically, list power assist st highway speed (returned after I stopped and restarted), and also steering wobble. Would you be so kind to tell me the TSB# I should ask the dealer about? Much appreciated.
  3. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    EXACT same thing just happened to me on the highway today! Lost all power steering, no warning lights or anything. Pulled over on exit ramp, and it was mysteriously back. This frightens the hell out of me.

    So here I am, searching out this exact topic, because my beloved 2019 JLUR manual tranny model w 2900 miles on it just did this to me today except I was driving on the highway!!!!! I thought I was hallucinating. Power steering went OUT. Safely exited highway and came to a stop off exit...
  5. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    Ps- forgot to say; I used three washers that I had sitting around under the gearshift knob as spacers to make it tighten in the correct position. I could not get the supplied “jam nut” to adjust from below as cited in the instructions (but not the video) due to the surrounding spring. The...
  6. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    Yes to notchier, it feels better! No to adjustabiiity BUT it’s not in the way. Here’s a pic showing me knee totally hanging to the right side. Doesn’t hit. Just drove 50 miles w it, I LOVE them both. Like I said pricey but worth it-I’ll enjoy every time I drive.
  7. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    Both transfer case lever and shift lever installed! Pricey but WORTH IT I love the looks and most importantly the feel. Feels VERY CLOSE to my Barton short throw shifter I had in my Mustang GT. Install video on YouTube was big help.
  8. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    The short throw shifter did, I love the looks and feel. Install video and instructions appear robust and easy. But I’ve been waiting for XT to ship the damn matching transfer case handle (couldn’t resist) so I could do them both at same time like in video. It won’t be here until next Tuesday :(...
  9. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    I will stick to previous version for now which is working mantra: the enemy of good is better!
  10. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    Yup I just pulled the trigger on this. Install looks easy (knocks head). I’ll let you know how I like it.
  11. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    It’s very smooth but it’s a little long. Then again-I’m coming from a 2012 Mustang GT w Barton short-throw which I loved, so...I’ve been spoiled. Haha
  12. Short Shifter for Manual JL?

    Looks like B&M now has short throw shifter for JL (saw on quadratec), that’s supposed to reduce throw by 18%...anyone try one of these yet?
  13. TPMS issues with aftermarket wheels - am I alone?

    I got my fuel beast wheels and Cooper STT pro tires from Custom Offsets and they assured me no issues w the sensors...when I installed I did have one that had an issue consistently but it actually turned out to be a faulty valve pin! Once that was replaced it was fine. Zero sensor issues. Also...
  14. Shifting into 4WD

    Thanks Jimbo! Appreciate it.
  15. Shifting into 4WD

    This post is what I’ve been looking first time Jeep owner here, ‘19 Rubi w manual. 35” fuel beasts and Cooper STT pros. Been waiting in NJ for bad weather to try her out and yesterday was super icy/sleety/slushy so I did. Zero problems shifting into 4H BUT as I was backing out of...
  16. How to lockout certain USB jacks from CarPlay?

    Hi all - I’m using a USB cable from the front dash media center to charge/CarPlay my iPhone there any way to “lock out” all of the other USB ports in the car from prompting/interrupting my CarPlay whenever someone plugs something in? Basically I just want all of those jacks to be...
  17. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders
  18. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    The frame mounted steps are worth ALL hassles! Great product. Will wire up some LEDs once it gets warmer.
  19. Rubicon 2019 Rubicon Takeoff Package (pickup NJ exit98GSP)

    All parts sold and transferred, thanks!