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  1. Help me understand my new Jeep 4WD

    Do you know what the difference is between Rubicon's 4:1 Rock-Trac and Select-Trac?

    I have had 2011 and 2017 Challengers and a 2012 and now a 2021 jeep all with the 3.6 engine with zero problems engine wise. All bought new.
  3. Why a two door is better than a four door

    The main reason I drive the 4/dr is because the longer wheelbase is easier to control on the icy roads I have to drive to get home.
  4. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Thanks, I ordered in early June too. Demand and material shortages I suppose.
  5. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    I ordered the Gen 3 RSE sliders 3 1/2 months ago through Quadratec and still no word when. Anybody having better luck getting theirs?
  6. Stolen 2021 JLURD

    I like the brake pedal idea.
  7. Stolen 2021 JLURD

    Anyone have info on wiring in a kill switch on the JL?
  8. Washington Used MW3 Call of duty wheels/tires.

    No game content just real life wheels and tires. MW3 wheels are a dark gray color. At least these are (I just noticed MW3 wheels also came in black??)
  9. Washington Used MW3 Call of duty wheels/tires.

    I know, just got shoulder surgery and have them in storage and have to move some stuff around to get pictures. I just thought I would throw it out there for now.
  10. Oregon $800 - Rubicon Wheels and 33” KO2s and Stock Rubicon Suspension

    Ok, PM me on address and phone number and when I can pick up. Also do all five look as good as picture?
  11. Washington Used MW3 Call of duty wheels/tires.

    If any interest I will put up pics.
  12. Oregon $800 - Rubicon Wheels and 33” KO2s and Stock Rubicon Suspension

    If you still have these I could take a trip down there from Washington State.
  13. Washington Used MW3 Call of duty wheels/tires.

    (5) used MW3 Call of Duty wheels, no scratches with 32" BFG Mud Terrain tires, 15/32" tread (No TPMS sensors) $500.
  14. Stock Antenna

    I like my stock antenna but wish it had better reception. No one seems to make a 35" antenna much less one with improved reception.
  15. likelihood of broken front body bolt?

    Never have had trouble tightening body bolts by hand. but for removing bolts I always use a impact wrench and haven't broke one yet but have broken plenty using a breaker bar. If you are worried about using an impact, start with a lower setting.
  16. Westin WJ2 Full Width Bumper On JLU Sport (Pics)

    Westin has installation instructions on their website that might help.
  17. Anyone's Warn winch start running on it's own?

    I keep my remote control winch in neutral to keep others from running my winch with their remote. Also I keep a bungee chord around the drum to keep it from freewheeling.
  18. Caution: Broken Body Mount Bolt When Installing Frame Mount Rock Sliders / Rails / Sidesteps

    In my case anyway the only way I have broken bolts is by wrenching them off with a breaker bar. Never have broke any using an impact. Either way I spray them down with WD40.
  19. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    My old 2012 JK was like that. Taking off in first I had to synchro the clutch perfectly with the throttle to keep from killing the engine. I figured it was the "fly by wire" throttle causing the throttle to lag with no way to recover before killing the engine. When taking off up a hill I would...