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  1. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Update on my Jeep: after an entire month in the shop it is finally fixed. They ended up replacing the innards of the rear diff and there is no more knocking. I hope that it stays that way but I guess we will see
  2. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Another update on mine: just got a call from the dealer. They ended up opening the rear diff and they said the fluid looked burnt and the LSD was not functioning at all how it should have been. They tried to order just new clutch plates but they can’t order that part alone apparently so they...
  3. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Update on mine. Dealer decided to determine it as the rear driveshaft so they ordered one and replaced it. Changed nothing as I suspected. Told them about this thread and they said it doesn’t matter, in their eyes it’s just writing. On the plus side they are putting chassis ears back on and...
  4. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Hey I had the exact same problem the night after putting on my 33s. So I did the same thing as you and put my old smaller tires on. The noise will still be there but it won’t be as aggressive. My dealer brought it in and replicated it but couldn’t pinpoint the exact location and needed to order...
  5. Light popping and clunking 10mph to stop in axles/trans

    That’s exactly it. Thank you
  6. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    I just started hearing mine at under 12,000 miles
  7. Light popping and clunking 10mph to stop in axles/trans

    Help! I have a 2018 JL turbo and I recently upgraded to 33” tires with aftermarket pro comp rims. The tires were mounted on the rims when I got them and are all worn perfectly. My problem that I’m having is when I slow down (10mph to stop) I hear light popping and clunking from what I want to...
  8. Turbo rattle?

    Really?! Something so small and so simple ‍♂️
  9. Turbo rattle?

    I’m not either haha it was a great guess that I haven’t thought of before but I just started watching a ton of videos of turbo flutter to see what it sounded like
  10. Turbo rattle?

    I don’t think it’s turbo flutter. That usually happens instantly after letting go of the gas and it sounds a little different
  11. 2018 Jeep JLUR - Engine ticking / knocking at low to mid RPM

    what was the TSB? I have a 2018 JL 2.0L 2 door making the same sound in the video
  12. Turbo rattle?

    I posted about it in a Jeep group and responses I got were that it could be wastegate fluttering, heat shield, heatercoil vibrating, loose exhaust, or simply a turbo going bad
  13. Turbo rattle?

    Anyone that has the rattle, did you have your heater core replaced by any chance like I did? I found on a heater core thread that someone was hearing rattling after the replacement and that’s around when mine started as well
  14. Heater Core Bad

    Are you hearing a metal rattle around 1200-1500 rpm when you let off the gas completely?
  15. Turbo rattle?

    Anymore news on this from anyone?
  16. Turbo rattle?

  17. Turbo rattle?

    I do have a recording but I can’t upload it from my phone apparently, I’ll try to update later tonight from my laptop. For the people that hear the rattle, do you use the auto start stop feature? I always turn mine off and I on multiple occasions have had a light come on my dash saying that the...
  18. Turbo rattle?

    So it’s just a really annoying turbo noise, great.
  19. Turbo rattle?

    I don’t know, I wasn’t around for them to show me, that’s just the answer they gave me sadly. And it only rattles between 1200 and 1500 rpm when I am completely off the gas.
  20. Turbo rattle?

    they did mention it could be the wastegate just because of where the sound is coming from but they said everything looked fine and was functioning as it should