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  1. Connecticut Mopar Tube Doors for sale

    how much for tube doors?
  2. Connecticut JL LOD Offroad Side Steps - $500

    2 door or 4 door?
  3. Bull bar vs front cameras

    LOD Signature sits a lot lower than the destroyer
  4. Steering Stabilizer Choice

    Rocked my OEM stabilizer last weekend I ordered FOX 2.0 TS and a synergy relocation mount stud. Does anyone run this setup?
  5. 6 speed Rubicon binding noise in 4low

    Good to know, I was out today and started hearing this noise as well. Grinding noise in 4lo even when going straight. I typically forget to hit the Offroad+ when wheeling, but today I for sure did. I also noticed it just generally drives a bit different in terms of acceleration and shifting...
  6. New York WTS/WTT 2 Door JL Hardtop for Premium Soft Top

    Nice how much with a premium soft top trade? Or without trade
  7. Clicking noise when turning.

    Just wanted to jump in and say thanks! I was experiencing this exact clicking problem. Made an appt with the Dealer which said they would have to charge me $100+ to diagnose the problem and IF they think the issue wasn't caused by my bigger tires and RK lift, they would warranty the fix. Luckily...
  8. New Lift and Now Loud Creaking

    That's the thing, my RK lift was installed by a professional and reputable jeep-only shop. Creaking from the very beginning - thought it was just settling in. Took it back for a retorque and creaking still there. Only thing I can think of is the RK TSB about the bushings. My jeep sounds like the...
  9. New Lift and Now Loud Creaking

    Hello did you find the source of the creaking? I'm experiencing the same noises with a 2.5 x factor no limits kit so I called RK. Apparently, they used a supplier for the bushings that are not to chem spec, causing lots noises. If you go on the RK technical services bulletin it is #2.
  10. Whirring/humming at highway speeds after re-gear

    Hi all, I very recently got regearing done on my 21 JLR 6speed (4.88) at a very reputable shop. I got around 300miles on it so far, and other than this noise issue, I am loving the new gears. I am getting a whirring/humming at deceleration/coasting and in gear. In neutral it doesn't make the...
  11. 2021 JLR traction control issues?

    Hello! I have a 2021 JLR and lately my traction control button keeps toggling. It first Began a couple weeks ago. It seemed that everytime I had the auto stop button on, it would turn traction off at stops. I just rebooted the jeep and it went away. Now I have the TC keep turning off even...
  12. Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier with RedRock Tailgate Reinforcement

    I was considering the same option. Teraflex says their hinge tire carrier won't be out until June. I have method 316+bfg 35's for a 88lb spare tire and a 20lb front runner tailgate table on the inside. I have been carefully watching the tailgate and looking for any sign of flexing or...
  13. California Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper

    Can you take a side picture
  14. Question regarding gear swaps - Yukon 4.88 gears?

    Hi all, I have a 21 JLR 6speed on 35s. will be lifting (2.5" RK X-factor w/ fox shocks) soon as well. Initially, I was not planning on swapping out gears since most everyone reported no need to with 4.10 gears on a Rubi. However, I am strongly considering one on the 6speed. It's not a bad...