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  1. When 4H?

    4-high auto, baby! Yeah!
  2. Wrangler through the years…

    Nah, that was the grocery-getter with room for the kids. CJ-5 was the last real Jeep.
  3. Wrangler through the years…

    I hope not. I can't tell one GM SUV from another these days. "Which GM blob is that you got there, Bob?"
  4. Apparently this is "news" now. [Bronco related]

    That's actually a good price. My dealer tried tacking on a bunch of BS to get me above MSRP. That's when my Bronco reservation turned into a JLUR.
  5. One Jeep for the Long Term – Seasoned Advice Needed

    With the torque curve, I'd hazard to guess that the 4xe might be ahead of the 392 at 1/8 mile and not too far behind at 1/4 mile. Top speed is another story, but all that torque at zero rpm makes the 4xe a great rock crawler in my experience.
  6. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    Yeah, I think that's an ABS sensor.
  7. Brother sent me pics of my old Jeep from the 80s

    Yeah, my '83 up there (aka "Hungry Hound") has the 258 bored .060 over, headers, full dual exhaust, hi-torque cam, DUI ignition and the Weber 38-38 outlaw carb. Runs at least as good as the 304 V-8 if not better offroad.
  8. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    I have that same problem sometimes 🍺🍻🍺
  9. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    Yeah, I blew mine out with an air gun and it was good for a touch-up the next day.
  10. Brother sent me pics of my old Jeep from the 80s

    Here's the '83 CJ-5 I brought back to the living. The JL is a great touring Jeep, but this little guy is a ton of fun in the mud.
  11. Wife wants a

    The 4xe is actually a better rock crawler with respect to high torque at low RPMs, but most of your rock-crawler types are going to prefer a V-8 to a PHEV for the sound.
  12. 392 Mopar All Weather Mats

    Just the one engine on the 392. I'm sure aftermarket bolt-on hp kits will follow.
  13. 392 Mopar All Weather Mats

    Add on several thousand above $75k and get the XR package too. It's worth it just for the gears. My wife wants a 392 but it appears they are still doing the launch package which is fully-loaded. I will NOT be purchasing a Jeep with black leather seats so Stella better stop with forcing the...
  14. TrailRecon Tests Jeep 4xe Off-Road Electric Mode Range

    I've adapted my offroad driving in the 4xe such that I reserve the electric mode for the technical parts and run the ICE during easy stretches. Save that quiet torque for the rocks and ledges so you can fully enjoy the sounds of metal scraping on granite.
  15. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    I think I'd wait until SKU:68544629AB Potted Sensor
  16. Wife wants a

    You're gonna get me in trouble.
  17. Wife wants a

    Thanks, but a couple of folks have sent info.
  18. Wife wants a

    She already got my old '98 TJ to drive around....
  19. Wife wants a

    That's why I got the 4xe initially. It's amazingly fast off the line. Then she fell in love with the JL so she has to get one "better" than mine.
  20. Wife wants a

    Oh it's worse than that. She has the 3.0 twin turbo, Summer tires, staggered wheels and fully loaded. I'm afraid she'll think the 392 is slow.