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  1. 2021 Rubicon XR mods and stuff

    You joke but I'm very closely related to someone who forgot to tighten their lower shock bolts after installing a lift. The error was only diagnosed after the passenger shock disconnected multiple miles from the highway with genuine 4-lo terrain between the Jeep and a hardware store...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Love it! I scraped body paint through the base coat in two different locations my last trip out and I was feeling bummed at the end of the day. On the way out of the OHV park the have a sign with this saying on it and it really helped correct my mind state and get the smile to return. It’s a...
  3. Warn winches in stock where?

    When I was shopping for winches 6 weeks ago no one had them in stock. I found a Zenon 12-S at and was able to get it delivered in 3 days and found a coupon to boot. Maybe check them out.
  4. Why is the 392 towing capacity so low?

    As an owner of a 392 and an F250 diesel, I wouldn’t want to tow more than 3-4k with the Jeep. First and FOREMOST the 392 is under braked under its own weight, much less with 4k of trailer weight behind you. Secondly, wheelbase and suspension, a big trailer would whip the 392’s ass if it got...
  5. When ordering a 392, why so many XRs?

    Not everyone checks the box themselves, I bought my 392XR from the dealer inventory, not special order. There wasn't a non-XR 392 available for purchase in my area. But to be honest I wanted the XR package anyway. I don't want to take an $80k vehicle to a gear shop right off the showroom...
  6. Metalcloak Peeps…Bumpstop Question

    The 392 clears the small KO2 "35's" stock, so my guess is that 37's should only require 1" to 1.5" at most. If I upsize to the 37 KO2's my plan is to add the MC durospring bumpers, since they are ~1" in height at full compression, but not add any hard bump stop height on the bottom.
  7. on board air

    I personally love having the compressor under the passenger seat. Out of the way and out of the muck. InnovativeAT system. Works great.
  8. Post Pics of Trail Rash Body Damage Due to Wheeling!

    Got all these on the same day last week. I don’t mind a little rubbing on the trails but I believe I went over the daily quota here. I have a rear diff skid sitting in the garage waiting on its matching diff cover to arrive. The Jeep gods did not approve of the spiteful act of not installing...
  9. 37" Tires On Xtreme Recon Package

    I like the idea of heating up the rear trim piece for more clearance. On the front of an XR there isn’t room for 2” of extra bump stop extension. You would end up with less than 1” of up travel and the rubber bump stop would be in contact with the axle bump stops at ride height. If a 35” tire...
  10. 37" Tires On Xtreme Recon Package

    37's will rub if you flex out off-road. This photo from @cormac90 shows the stock 35" at full stuff in the rear. I think a progressive bump stop that doesn't quite sqish flat, like the MetalCloak Durospring would be all that's needed in the rear to clear the 37 KO2s. I'm not sure about the...
  11. Hidden Falls Adventure Park with Adventure Abound

    You didn’t scrape anything on your undercarriage the entire day? Oh man, you forgot to leave your peace offering at the steps of the OHV Park alter. Next time you’d better scrape a couple times to reset the balance so to not anger the Jeep gods. 😉
  12. More flex out of Rubi w. Xtreme Recon Package

    The XR wheels are ~5” in real-life backspacing. Not the 4.5” advertised by Mopar. This means you’ll most likely need wheel spacers if using the MC shock relocation brackets.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    There are two unique but overlapping issues in keeping the stock length shocks after lifting. Reduction in available down travel at ride height. Down travel is an important part of ride comfort, especially as the terrain gets rougher. After the 2.5" Clayton lift my front shocks are ~23"...
  14. When ordering a 392, why so many XRs?

    Congrats and enjoy! They are such fun vehicles. After you get a few hundred miles on the engine find a safe place to do some full-throttle pulls starting around 70mph. Intoxicating sound and acceleration.
  15. When ordering a 392, why so many XRs?

    I chose to go with the Clayton Off Road 2.5” Overland+ lift for the 392. I have winch on the front which adds over 100lbs to the bumper and caused the stock springs to sag a bit compared to stock. With the Clayton 2.5” lift I’ve settled in at 1.75” of lift over stock after a week of driving...
  16. When ordering a 392, why so many XRs?

    Love to hear that! After the 35’s wear out I may go for the 37 KO2s. Hoping it wold be a fairly seamless change with the XR after adding 1” of bump stop.
  17. When ordering a 392, why so many XRs?

    I have a 392XR and I love the 35" tires and the 4.56 gear ratio. I even like the fender flare extensions. I am not, however, sold that the Mopar shocks Jeep equipped instead of the Fox 2.0 are anything but a downgrade. The Mopars handle great on the highway but they are quickly outmatched by...
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Rode Cross Bar Ranch in OK for a second time. I can't figure out if I love the place or hate it. If they'd go through and cut the trees back just a little it would definitely be love. Many of the trails start off wide but close down on you in a hurry. Unless you are willing to stick to the...
  19. When ordering a 392, why so many XRs?

    Did a 392 run over your dog? Why do you own a JL? The premium of a JL over previous generations is a waste of money because none of its features are needed for off-roading.
  20. Dory 392XR Build

    Phase 3: More Suspension, Please! Fox 2.5DSC install (The build thread is almost caught up with real-life now.) After being disappointed with the stock suspension's lack of bottoming resistance, I developed a progressive three-step plan. The goal is to upgrade the suspension progressively and...