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  1. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    No regrets More than enough power Can’t go wrong with the trim. The tax credit made it much easier to splurge on a Rubicon
  2. Screen protector for infotainment?...yay or nay?

    I use a tempered glass one from Amazon. Peace of mind knowing I can’t scratch it now and the glass feels and looks better IMO
  3. Interest rate increase

    Yes, they can do this. You put money down on the Jeep not the interest rate.
  4. TrailRecon Tests Jeep 4xe Off-Road Electric Mode Range

    Does he really think ceramic coating will keep those bushes from pinstriping his Jeep? C’mon Brad! edit: it’s also a little disappointing that he thinks he loses the 375hp when the battery shows 0 battery
  5. Does anyone spray paint the undercarriage?

    I’d skip the paint and get it fluid filmed.
  6. 4xe Seat Covers

    Just an updated. Bartact told me at least another month until they have a rear seat cover to fit the 4xe
  7. Florida JL Seat Covers for Sale. Like new!

    Are these still available?
  8. New to Wrangler some basic questions

    I don’t think 28570r17 is stock for a Willy’s. Hard to tell from the picture if there are spacers or not. I don’t think spacers are necessary with 33s.
  9. 4xe Seat Covers

    I search every week or so and still haven’t found anything for the rear seat.
  10. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic wax

    So then no issues on plastic, rubber, etc?
  11. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic wax

    Has anyone used this on their JL? It claims to be safe for glass and trim but I’m always skeptical. I’m curious to see if anyone else has used this and to see if it’s safe on plastic fenders, stickers, etc. I’m asking because it’s currently on sale. Limited-time deal: Meguiar's G190532SP...
  12. I need help choosing between an Ecodiesel or the 4xe.

    I think this sums it up well. I’d go with an eco if I were you given the miles you’re putting on.
  13. Door panel streaks/marks

    I guess the next step would be using a brush. I’ve used simple Green and Aero Cosmetics and neither have worked with a microfiber towel.
  14. Spontaneous shutdown

    How much time did you have to pull over? Or was it just a matter of pulling over because you could no longer accelerate? Just trying to prepare in case it happens to me
  15. Spontaneous shutdown

    Since the errors went away and he drove to work after with no issue it sounds like it’s more of a software/module/computer issue as opposed to some kind of failure. Sucks either way.
  16. Trade in loaded 2019 JLU Sahara for 2021/22 still possible?

    I’d start by getting some quotes on your current Jeep from Carmax, Vroom, driveway, etc. to see what you’d get. Chapman of Horsham (PA) would be reasonably close to you. You can check out this thread:
  17. Northridge4x4 Scratch and Dent SALE!!!

    Just a little gun shy about potentially spending hundreds of dollars on something that ‘May be bent in half’ and the whole ‘No refunds. No whining.’ parts
  18. Northridge4x4 Scratch and Dent SALE!!!

    Will they tell me what the damage is when I call?