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  1. Disconnecting front seat electrical wiring harness

    Now that I know the “trick” to disconnecting the harness, next mods will be easier.
  2. Disconnecting front seat electrical wiring harness

    Thanks, that is exactly what I did
  3. Disconnecting front seat electrical wiring harness

    Looking to remove my front seat to finalize new amp install and having a difficult time disconnecting the wiring harness. I have searched and just can’t find a pic or video of how to disconnect it. I have pulled the red tab up but just can’t get it to separate. Anybody know the “trick”?
  4. Stinger Heigh10 external amp

    Anyone have any good luck in adding an external amp to your Heigh10 head unit? My Heigh10 head unit is working in my 2018 JL and now I would like to upgrade the speakers and add an external amp. In working with the installer, he commented that a DSP is required and unfortunately the brand(s)...
  5. Can someone recommend a dealers in NJ area that is easy to work with??

    I have had very good luck with Fullerton - ask for Lou. I shopped around at Flemington, Bud Lake and Washington and these guys were the easist to deal with. Bought my first Jeep (JK) from them as well. Good luck!