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  1. Goodyear Wrangler vs Bridgestone Dueller

    My wife's JLU has the Goodyear Wrangler ATs, and my JL had the Bridgestones. My personal feeling is that the Goodyears are significantly better. They handle better and are quieter on-road, and excellent in the rain. The Bridgestones were fine in the wet weather but they were a noisy tire. I took...
  2. Digital Compass states SW when I know I'm going N

    Which head unit do you have? My wife's JL has the 7" radio, and I've never noticed a problem with that one. The 5" in my JL is another story though - I think I've reprogrammed it 2 or 3 times in the last few years because it gets confused.
  3. JLUR vs Sentra low speed crash at traffic light.

    How did a Sentra hit you that high up? And if there's no dent, I recommend a compound and wax first before rattlecanning it. You'll probably be able to get rid of most of the marks.
  4. Rough Country QC...Opinions?

    I have the RC M186 front diff skid. It fit perfectly and is well built, though the weld beads could stand to look a little smoother. I'm not a bead snob though as long as it holds up, and it's worked great so far. It's meant to take abuse, and has done so the few times I've been wheeling with it.
  5. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    If you check out my Jeep on the previous page, you'll see what kind of lift you wind up with - I have steel bumper/hard top 4-door Rubi springs. Between the tires and springs, my JL is about 3" taller than my wife's JLUS. 35's would work, but the 33's look great IMO.
  6. Running soft top in Chicago winter

    Sure thing! As an aside, we've left the twill top on my wife's longer than usual...I usually swap it out with my son at the end of October, but we've had such busy weekends that we haven't gotten around to it yet. It is definitely warmer than mine when you first open it up on a cold morning, and...
  7. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Here's my contribution. Clean - Dirty -
  8. Gloss painted black vs. matt black?

    On my morning commute I often see a guy in a black JL Rubi 2-door with painted fenders and steel bumpers. It looks great, but I don't think he wheels it. It's absolutely immaculate, not a mark on it, and always clean. If you're going on forest roads and trails you'll want the unpainted fenders...
  9. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    Great choice on the wheels!
  10. Running soft top in Chicago winter

    I have the standard sailcloth top on my 2-door Sport. I've had no issues the last two winters as far as staying warm, and I bet the premium top is even better because it has an extra layer of material on the inside. The rear window is not easy to see out of if you're driving through wet...
  11. Pennsylvania

    My son and I went out to AOAA a few weekends ago and did a Green Trail ride with the crew from Offroad Consulting. We met a couple on the ride that were members of Jeep Enthusiasts, and they were nice people.
  12. Terrible at shifting into 4L, it’s embarrassing.

    As others have mentioned, if yours is an auto, you can shift into 4L while stopped. It is the smoothest way I have found. Simply come to a full stop, shift the auto trans into N, then run the T-case down to 4L. I've not had it grind or fail to engage this way. It even works on older...
  13. Dealership Recommendation: Northern NJ ?

    I've heard similar stories about that dealership. Fortunately, I've not needed any major work done, but Rt. 4 CDJ has been decent enough to deal with. We've leased 3 vehicles through them ( my former '16 Charger R/T, my wife's current '18 JLUS, my current '18 JL). In the last few years I've...
  14. NJ Lease Buyout Questions

    My wife's lease is up in of now, we're planning to buy it because the buyout is fair, it'll only have about 30K miles on it, and it's been trouble free. Both of our JL's have been great. My lease is up in '23, and am already thinking I'd like to buy that one too. Glad to hear the...
  15. Adding Extra Lighting....Wiring Question (Kind of Embarrassed LOL)

    @Gregj thanks!! There is a spare 10A fuse in the box, so I will put that one in on the side that runs to the relay and leave the 20A on the bottom for the original circuit.
  16. Adding Extra Lighting....Wiring Question (Kind of Embarrassed LOL)

    Alright, I will finally get to finish installing these lights today! Yesterday I put up the Christmas decorations with my daughter and helped my son install a new wheel bearing on his Liberty so I have no other responsibilities for this weekend. :LOL: I started running the harness last night...
  17. New to Offroading. Looking for good beginner trails in San Diego area

    Agreed! It's better to go with other people - you might need a spotter, or have a mechanical issue, and having friends with you will make it much easier. We're new to off-roading as well, so we've been sticking to Green trails that stock vehicles can complete. We also have to drive 2.5-3 hours...
  18. Adding Extra Lighting....Wiring Question (Kind of Embarrassed LOL)

    That is great, thank you for the tip! Will keep you updated when I finally get around to installing them...seems like every weekend some other thing happens that needs my attention besides those lights. :LOL:
  19. Adding Extra Lighting....Wiring Question (Kind of Embarrassed LOL)

    So, as a follow-up to my original post, we did some checking in the fuse box. I was surprised to find that even though I have a base Sport, most of the "unused" circuits still have power, and fuses already in place. For example, F57 and F58 that @Rhinebeck01 mentioned are there, and have 12v...