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  1. Daily dose of dumb in Toronto Canada

    The guy was deliberately out in the road road with his phone out recording that Jeep. Sidewalk is passable. Besides where would he be when any traffic comes by? Right in the way.
  2. Daily dose of dumb in Toronto Canada

    Pretty reckless. Is it still OK to criticize people for also adding to this stupidity by standing in the road recording cars that are heading directly at them?
  3. Something clicking in reverse

    I've picked up a rock on a trail. It was stuck into the tire in a way I could only hear it clicking when turning right. The rock was dark enough to be hard to spot easily that evening. Finally figured it out after checking lug nuts and such. Felt pretty silly lol.
  4. Improving drivability of my new Jeep.......

    First year I had my JL I disliked its steering. Wandered all over. Over two years I had the TSB on the steering box done. Tightened up the play in the new steering box, tightened the ball joints and tie rod ends, installed the Mopar longer LCA and installed the 1.75" Spider Trax wheel spacers...
  5. Thoughts?

    I actually like the look. I've had a White JK with the black hard top. I prefer the contrast over the matching body color top and fender flare look. But I really like this image you created.
  6. Driving in snow / ice…any tips?

    Ice, freezing rain and sleet is easy. Just stay home. For our Jeeps deeper cold snow is better than a wet thin coating since it'll be less likely to pack into an ice like coating. Put your auto Trans in manual in about 2nd or 3rd gear to start. Test the waters so to speak and get a feel for...
  7. Rear Cargo Mat

    AFAIK, the only differences in the rear cargo mat is if there is a subwoofer or not. Pretty sure it's not dependent on whether or not it's a 392.
  8. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    I've never experienced any V6 or V8 engine new on a dealership lot that made me immediately dislike how it ran at idle in gear. However, all 4 cylinder equipped vehicles I've owned or driven never have been as smooth as the V6 and V8 engines I've owned and driven. This is from 35 years of...
  9. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    Test drove one and it was an issue on that one. Idle vibrations. Disliked it immediately just like all the 4 cylinder powered vehicles I've ever driven. Maybe it was just an anomaly with that one I test drove?
  10. Dealer put "Anything less than a 10 on the survey is failing" on my Invoice.. How about delivering service that warrants a 10?

    I've never been impressed enough by any dealership in 30 years of buying cars to give them a 10. Before the last 10 years I was moderately satisfied by their performance. In the last 5 years customer service has been like a snowball headed for Hell. There's something majorly wrong with the...
  11. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    Not a fan of turbochargers or inline 4 cylinder engines. Turbos fail sooner than I would want to be working on one and 4 cylinder engines just vibrate more the V style engines. It's just my personal choice.
  12. Does having a steel bumper help in a mild collision?

    In my 4 decades of driving experience most accidents are not going to be a mild enough impact to be concerned about how the forces are transferred to the frame. Both bumper and frame will be damaged. Trail damage may be closer to your mild collision scenario. In my opinion you want that force...
  13. Yes! You can Lock your rear locker in 4 high on a Jeep Rubicon

    I had experimented with these settings like he's doing but with no success. Also i don't have an offroad+ button on my 2019 Rubicon.
  14. Aux. battery, ESS System

    Yes, the factory dual battery system is an engineering failure. It only exists because of a poor management decision. Multiple batteries connected in series or parallel should always be the same. Ive worked on many multiple battery setups on heavy duty and medium duty vehicles and never saw a...
  15. Which Rear Bumper?

    Had one for a year and no complaints.almost exactly the same. Only difference is mine has no tire carrier on the bumper. I am using the Rustys tire carrier system.
  16. Jeep Wrangler JL Clutch Catches On Fire - Was It Under Warranty? - Safety Recall Y07

    Glad to see your Jeep was taken care of albeit very slowly. Huge delays for repair approvals make no sense beyond waiting for parts. It's horrible customer service at every level. These so called modern mechanics aka automotive technicians are not working on my vehicles without me checking...
  17. Electronic Brake

    I don't have the tow package on my Jeep but I do know that the 7 pin connector have the ability to handle an electronic brake controller, if wired for it. Not sure how they are set up on our Jeeps from the factory. Someone surely has one and will verify.
  18. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I have a 2019 Mojito! too and had bubble in paint on both right side door hinges and leading edge of the hood. So it's beyond a single year. The main problem is no paint between the door and hinges. The other problem is contamination on the aluminum before paint is applied. If this issue can't...
  19. Remote Start and Aux Disabled Message

    Ok I'm not sure if this applies here but I'll put this out there. When I was working on big rigs, they would have lower battery voltages develope from either failing alternators, batteries, corroded cables, etc... Anyway the body controller modules on the CANBUS would start disabling certain...
  20. Is the JL generation history in the making?

    It's hard to know what future generations may consider collectable. I know that some plain ordinary trucks are now highly sought after and pricey even when not in good condition. Same with plain old ordinary antique Jeeps. No, engine powered vehicles are not leaving completely. At least not in...