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  1. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you

    Did you ever end up producing these? My nets are stretched and it's actually resulted in chipped paint on the passenger side.
  2. Bike rack options?

    Does it block the camera?
  3. Names for a blue JLU

    I call my JLUR Papa Smurf
  4. 2020 Wishlist

    That's why I had to get the Rubicon. I wanted black fenders and that wasn't an option on the Sahara, but I really wanted the LED and the 8.4 Uconnect...
  5. 2020 Wishlist

    How about more presets on the radio? I have Sirius/XM and between my wife and I, not nearly enough presets on the 8.4
  6. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Anyone have pictures of the Rampage TrailCrawler steps on their JLUR? If so, can you share? Also, anyone have an opinion on the Rampage steps vs. Smittybilt steps, specifically the TrailCrawler: vs. the SRC...
  7. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Thanks @JimLee ; but I am not looking to remove the factory rails, I would rather keep them and find a step/running board that can be mounted over that isn't the Ace rock slider
  8. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    I know the Ace JL Rock Sliders fit over the Rubicon OEM Rock Rails; does anyone know of any other steps that can be used in conjunction with the OEM rails? I would rather not remove the rock rails...I hate the pinch seam
  9. suggest side step for 2019 rubicon

    Now that you have had them for a couple of months, are you happy with these?
  10. Spare Tire Backup/Reverse Light

    I know that plenty of companies make a brake light ring for installation in the spare tire but does anyone make a backup/reverse light ring that can be installing in the spare tire? Plenty of people can see the brake lights but I have had other drivers tell me they don't see my reverse lights...
  11. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    Oh the dreaded bad's the worst..."I'm going to tell you what to tell me why you did it"
  12. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    Fair enough. Thank you for correcting me, but more importantly, thank you so much for your service!
  13. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    I am pretty lucky there, the Jeep is my car, but my wife drives it sometimes and she does the wave. Apparently my kids wave at Jeeps when they are riding in my mother-in-law's Highlander...That just feels like a big win.
  14. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    Apologies for my ignorant assumption...I actually like the idea of the hypothetical commercial we have just created being a mom teaching her son far more than the dad...OK Jeep, now storyboard it.
  15. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    Absolutely...I totally get it...also, how much more powerful of an image would that have been in that commercial, a father in teaching his son, about to ship off, how to salute...I am actually getting chills just typing it out. Either way, I stand corrected...but the pillow fight is stock, I am...
  16. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    Interesting, have you done it since you have been out of the service? If so...I stand corrected.
  17. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    It is a great ad. It absolutely departs from their manifesto ad from 2018 but that's OK, companies change directions every year. Also, I am sure that FCA would say "this isn't a manifesto, patriotism is as central to our brand as climbing up a waterfall is." I will say that I am sort of bothered...
  18. LED Headlight dimming

    Any chance you can post the video here?
  19. Who loves their soft top?

    Are you saying you don't make the windows at all or that you do not make a standalone set of replacement windows?