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  1. Rear Storage Shelf

    Hey Ron, Hey Ron, Here's my low-fi $75 version that you inspired. Not as nice as yours, but it works! Home Depot parts:
  2. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    I'm going to chime in here since I started this thread... The real issue here was that I wanted white 6000K halos that matched my Oracle switchback driving lights, which are in fact the proper white, (around 6000K). All of us Jeep owners are a bit obsessed with how our Jeeps look as well as how...
  3. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    Their consistent answer is: As stated previously we will not be offering a refund on this as it is already installed, and can not be resold."
  4. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    I wish! They won't take them back...
  5. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    Hey RockHopper, Thanks for the reply. I agree, Oracle does go above and beyond with instructions, videos, offers to call them if you have a problem, (which I did when this all started), in fact I own their LED running lights, (6000K white), and even just bought their awesome LED in bumper LED...
  6. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    Here's my favorite part from the Oracle reply above, "Also, we send all products with information to test the product prior to installing it. This is where you can determine the color, output, and satisfaction without actually installing it." Guess what... another lie, NOTHING in the box about...
  7. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    Great! That means I can send them back. Thank you. Where do I send them?
  8. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    Great, never even thought about getting pulled over! Of course, blue = police. Are you allowed to swear on this forum?
  9. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    So I just spent a full day, (almost), mounting and wiring a set of surface mount halos from Oracle lighting. Super excited to see them on at night. To my surprise, when I turned them on they were blue! Of course I thought they had shipped me the wrong product, so I called and then started an...
  10. UPDATE: Off Road Pages DOES NOT requires a Guardian Services Subscription

    Ok, I have a 2018 JLU with a 7" center screen, I have never had ORP nor expected to, I heard they were only available on the 8.4" screen. So a week ago I notice I now have ORP as an option on my instrument cluster, wasn't there before. I have two pages, pitch and roll and drivetrain but no ORP...