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  1. Totaled my 2018 JL

    Bit bite me, not everyone from N.C. Is a redneck
  2. TOAD

    Thank you sourdough, I ordered the part from cooltech, should be here in 4 or 5 days. Only $24.99 plus $4. Shipping. Company states less than 5 minute install under the hood behind the battery. Once again THANK YOU!!
  3. TOAD

    I need some help please, We left on our trip towing our new JLU behind our RV and using the Blue Ox portable brake in our Jeep. The trouble is when we plug it into the cigarette lighter the power does not stay on for more then about 15 minutes, no matter what position The start button is in. So...
  4. Flat towing behind RV

    Thank you !!!!
  5. Flat towing my 18 JL 2.0 Rubi 2 door?

    Did you have to do anything with the FOB ? What position for the ignition ?
  6. Flat towing behind RV

    I'm all set to flat tow my 2018 JLU behind my RV. Blue ox base plate installed, Blue ox tow bar and all wired 4 pin to 6. BUT unlike my older jeep, In which I had to insert the key one click to unlock the steering wheel , NO key used in my 18 jlu , read the manual but no mention about steering...
  7. tow package hook up

    I just purchased the wrangler sport s with the tow package, but I'm lost when it comes to hooking up my jeep behind my motor home. The jeep has the plugs in the rear to hook up the lights if your towing something, but I want to hook up my lights for my jeep to be towed. Dealership was not much...