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  1. Half Doors?

    those look nice enough, anyone actually have any yet
  2. New Rubicon

    I called the number that was on my warranty papers, lifetime bumper to bumper, had to pay 90 bucks for the tow but because it was deemed a coverable repair, they refunded it
  3. New Rubicon

    I had to do roadside on my charger a month ago. it was pretty amazing. they sent me a text message with a link to fill out a little form. everything was handled by phone message and over within 45 minutes it was awesome
  4. Secure storage in trunk ?

    I like the backbone, with cargo carrier myself
  5. how / when can I order a 2 door Sahara ??

    Rubicons are over kill for many not to mention more features mean more fail points electronic lockers and such It is sort of like the SRT gang thinking why would you buy an RT SRTs have a higher fail rate, and the street speed limits make the additional horses impractical off the track. To each...
  6. Order Cancelled - Waiting Things Out

    the issues I have seen so far do not make me hesitate to buy check for welds drive on the interstate to make sure steering is tight pull the trigger I have to wait until end of year, but if I could buy today I would. My fear is having to wait, the tariff wars are going make cars and parts go...
  7. Secure storage for trunk ?

    if you own a soft top long enough you will get it the rear cargo security solutions basically give you back a lockable trunk to me a must have on a 90% open vehicle parked in public places
  8. Secure storage for trunk ?

    google jeep backbone
  9. Is the JL Wrangler going to be sufficient in a crash?

    high center of gravity, removable doors and top, windshield folds down Not the best choice is safety is your first concern Volvo they are boxy but they are good
  10. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    not really a pro, a preference
  11. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    I am going Sahara for the following reasons suspension standard 7 inch radio 18 inch wheels AC standard Rubicon is great, but I would never use the off road extras and by the time I beef up a sport S to match the Sahara the price is very close
  12. Jl aftermarket tax is getting ridiculous!!!!!!

    Patience pays My buying plan includes some cash coming in in fourth quarter so I have to wait on my JL, sort of glad about that, because I really want one right now. But by the time I buy, the 2019s will be out, and maybe even some low miles 18s And I am using this time to know what to check...
  13. Vinyl opportunity in North Dallas if your interested

    Sorry missed it, what kind of design are you looking for might have to wait until this heat breaks. its smoking in my garage
  14. Jl aftermarket tax is getting ridiculous!!!!!!

    they are trying to cover R&D and tooling costs the prices will come down
  15. Jl aftermarket tax is getting ridiculous!!!!!!

    sounds like an opportunity to design, fabricate, produce and price products to make a good living. until your ready to do that, the market dictates
  16. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    I mount mine in my poket
  17. Show us your unique hood decals!

    I will be adopting my challenger hood graphic into a hood black out replacing the pistons with drive shafts for the jeep
  18. Oil leak - Covered under Warranty?

    considering the spec plate on the vehicle says its capable of a 30 inch water ford I don't think warranty will be an issue unless we are not getting all the story
  19. Sahara with painted dash. Different than others?

    they appear to be very easy to take off and paint, wrap or dip
  20. Jeeping on the Beach (finally!)

    This is why I am buying a new jeep after many years away will do some trails but, rock crawling hill climbing days are behind me. But Beaching, nah never out grow that