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  1. My dilemma im having with the service dept installing my mopar lift

    Here’s your control arms in the kit.
  2. My dilemma im having with the service dept installing my mopar lift

    There are front lower control arms in your lift kit. They aren’t, however, a difficult part of the install. Typical dealer treatment, I’m afraid.
  3. 37" Tires On Xtreme Recon Package

    When I said 2” bumpstops are needed I was referring to stock rubicon suspension and 37” tires. Do you know how much additional bumpstop the XR has over a standard Rubicon? If so, you should be able to subtract that difference from the 2” additional length that is typically needed to clear 37s on...
  4. 37" Tires On Xtreme Recon Package

    That rear trim bulge piece can be easily removed and some have heated it up and compressed it in for clearance. you might need to back off on your steering stops up front. Any rubbing issues that you could have should be minimum. Go for it! Edit: 2” bumpstops are necessary
  5. 10-year Jeep Challenge

    This is our 10 year old in our JL and 10 years ago in our TJ.
  6. So it begins Michigan to the Mexico border to Alaska and back. Three JLUR and campers.

    Beautiful. Pretty jealous of this trip. Prayers for fun and safe travels to you and your crew.
  7. How Can We Help?

    I am also interested in a pair of the front control arms: 68322798AA Could I get a code as well? Backorder is noted. Thanks for your help.
  8. JL Rubicon Annihilated by Flat-Towing RV in 4-Low 🤯

    There’s already a thread on this article from earlier this year.
  9. Off-road Camper “Quarter Wide” Trailer Build Using Harbor Freight Frame

    I love those half doors! I had a white TJ back in the day with half doors. Wish I had them on the JL. You are right that these trailers are very flimsy right out of the box. They literally come in a box. What I did to remedy that was to weld a 2”x2” steel tube down the middle as a back bone...
  10. Off-road Camper “Quarter Wide” Trailer Build Using Harbor Freight Frame

    It’s got a rack on top. Sometimes when we leave the rooftop tent at home and opt to bring our big ground tent we will throw the paddle boards or a kayak on top of the trailer. It pulls great on the highway. We’ve done a handful of 500 mile trips to the beach and a couple up to the mountains...
  11. Camping Trip Cargo Storage

    I would say the cheapest way to make more room is buy a couple of cross bars for a hard top (if you have one) and then get a nice, waterproof rooftop storage bag for ~$100. You can store a lot of duffel bags, sleeping bags, pillows up there and leave the back of the Jeep for heavy items like...
  12. Camping Trip Cargo Storage

    One of these guys will fold up in your garage. I bought one for the exact purpose of what you described: there is simply not enough room in a JLU for all of our gear. You can buy a rails kit for...
  13. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    Thanks. The Jeep is bright white.
  14. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    We sold our TJ in 2011 when our 2nd kid was on the way. My wife cried for 2 days. We got into a JL in ‘18 with 3 car seats across the back. Now one of them is out of the car seat. Is it practical? No. But it is way too much fun to ever sell. God willing, we will always have a Wrangler in the...
  15. AEV 2.5 JLUR Rubbing w 37s

    Yes. The 37s were rubbing the front lower control arms at full turn. A couple of turns out on the stops corrected the issue and the reduced turning radius was unnoticeable to my wife who daily drives the Jeep.
  16. AEV 2.5 JLUR Rubbing w 37s

    Do these people drive Kias? I guess we are just guys on the internet, but if it helps your confidence: I have personally adjusted it on my own JL and a couple of us have taken the time to crawl under our Jeeps and take pictures to point out the exact bolt that is used for adjustment.
  17. AEV 2.5 JLUR Rubbing w 37s

    Steering bump
  18. AEV 2.5 JLUR Rubbing w 37s

    Adjusting the steering stops out a couple of turns should fix this for you. That fixed my issue and I have stock wheels with no spacers and 1.5” of lift. Your Nittos may be a touch bigger than my 37x12.50r17 Falkens.
  19. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    Factory suspension and tires.
  20. How important are heated seats to you?

    Cold weather package was the only must-have for my wife on our ‘18. I thought it was wasteful as we live in Georgia with fairly mild winters. Now that we have them I love it. If there was ever a vehicle that could benefit from heated seats/steering wheel, it’s a Wrangler. They are so nice when...