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  1. Nitto Ridge Grapplers Break Loose Often On Wet or Snow Covered Pavement

    Thanks for the detailed response Jay. I hear you on all and not running out so fast to buy new tires. Will try to lower gradually. Have fun out there!
  2. Nitto Ridge Grapplers Break Loose Often On Wet or Snow Covered Pavement

    Will hope your experience is better. Let me know.
  3. Nitto Ridge Grapplers Break Loose Often On Wet or Snow Covered Pavement

    Thanks, seems low to me but maybe I will take down a few lbs at a time and see the results.
  4. Nitto Ridge Grapplers Break Loose Often On Wet or Snow Covered Pavement

    Would love some opinions here. I like the tires. Have them inflated to 36lbs. Mine are 275/75-17. I currently have 26k on them and rotate them religiously but have never had much confidence in the conditions mentioned above. I understand that tires like this aren't going to provide the...
  5. TSB 08-037-19 REV. B Rear Window Defroster Inoperable, Wire Hanging From The Back Glass

    Amazingly I had my 3rd piece of new rear glass installed last week. Yep, you guessed it. Still doesn't work. When i picked it up the wiring hardness wasn't even attached. How could they test it without attaching it...oh yeah, they didn't. In all likelihood both this and the last glass were...
  6. Is there a true fix for the Steering/Wandering issue?

    Just had the Track-bar and Dampers replaced by FCA on my 18 via the dealership. Every time i bring it in for something it comes home needing something else. While the suspension feels fine (too soon to tell about wandering) the steering wheel is no longer centered. Is this normal? Driving...
  7. JL rear lift glass not available?

    I have been waiting since October 2018! This will be my second glass replacement for defroster. Now its pointless with the soft top back on. The date of arrival for the glass has literally moved 7 times! I am embarrassed for Jeep! They continue to turnout thousands of new Wranglers a month...
  8. JL rear lift glass not available?

    Been waiting for new rear glass since 11/18. Its a joke!
  9. Bike Rack Options??

    You are quoting something over a year old. If you read through the 20pg chain you would see this will long ago solved for.
  10. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    4 Door for the win! Liked and followed both pages.
  11. Impromptu Christmas day Moab run

    Solid choice on the Jeep and the Dog. Nice read!
  12. Snowboard / Ski rack for JL Rubicon Unlimited

    Just put this on. Rhino Rack Crossbars and Yakima FatCat Evo 4. So far so good. Hoping to use it this coming weekend.
  13. Bike Racks

    Some light reading...
  14. Bike Rack Options??

    It is. Kuat makes it. Here is a link...
  15. Bike Rack Options??

    Here a pic of mine with the hi/lo extender. The swing gate can be opened completely with this.
  16. Bike Rack Options??

    This is a great setup. I went with the 1Up too band got a hitch extender with hi/lo. Drops the Hitch 2" and allows the rear tailgate to open. Very happy with it so far.
  17. Rough Idle

    Over 6k now.
  18. Rough Idle

    Same for me. Its in again and they say its perfect....annoying!
  19. WTB Steel Bumper Group, NJ

  20. WTB Steel Bumper Group, NJ

    Located in NJ. Will travel 60 mi in any direction.