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  1. Hardtop rain gutter drains into cabin

    anyone talk to truckmaster designs? believe someone here posted a potential fix from them but i've emailed and called, no reply.
  2. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    funny u say that i took some this weekend so i could add a pic in my profile! and i agree, wet leather not so fun..
  3. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    they never actually showed me what they replaced, simply told me what it was when i came to pick it up....i'm sorry!
  4. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    picked up it the other day and was told they "replaced rear latch quarter window" - was included in the the warranty and have to say so far so good..!? hope this helps, if u need me to get any other info lemme know.
  5. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    we love it, ppl still come over when we're parked to check it out. the advantage of being able to close it when it starts raining is key (just make sure you're going under 60 or 70 mph, i forget which it is, or else it'll make you wait til you slow down).
  6. select trac

    thank u all so much, will try it out this wknd.
  7. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    great question, will absolutely share once i confirm!
  8. select trac

    sorry quick question, i have an automatic, is that assumed when you replied? also, does the car need to be in neutral or can i be moving when i shift between 2h and 4h auto?
  9. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    so crazy this was posted, had the same issue and waiting for the dealer to get in some part that they think will fix it...and we thought we were the only ones!
  10. select trac

    ha yes of course, honestly just didn't know WHEN to do it or HOW to do it, would love nothing more than to take advantage of it...this forum is better than the dealership or service ctr.
  11. select trac

    makes sense, ok can totally do that, thanks so much.
  12. select trac

    thank you so much for the quick reply..
  13. select trac

    hey there, new here, just got a 2019 wrangler, love it. quick ? on selec trac - i'd like to take advantage of the set it and forget it what do i leave it in so i know it'll switch between 2wd and 4wd as needed and, stupid question maybe, do i switch the gear while the car is still or...